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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Lazer Cut, Aug 30, 2009.

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    I am about to bid on a property that is 5 acres in size- not all grass I might ad- There are 15 buildings with 2 units in each building- I believe each building is 3,000 sq. ft. I need to know how much to bid on the lawn care- current guy charges $30 per unit so $60 per building- so I believe around $900 a cut- includes edging, trimming, blowing off of excess grass the basics. Now there also is about 15 flower beds dividing the drive ways 1 1/2 cubic yards of mulch per bed. I need to know what is a fair price to bid because I'd really like to get this property. Set up 6 buildings in a row on the right and 6 building on the left and 3 on the very back- back yards with a 52" take about 5 swipes- to cut one building with trimming and blow off about 15-20 minutes. I need help bidding this do I give a monthly plan just bill after a month or do I set up a contract with x amounts of cuts and every cut after that is x amount??:confused: I need help on this one. Any input would be great. Have ideas where to start and how to go about it but I need help from the experienced. Thanks

    Also, I need help on snow removal for the side walks and driveways- i believe snow removal is 50-60 per unit- Need help on this one too :laugh:

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    This is easy, know your costs, look at the property determine how long and what resources you will expend to do the job. in other words what will it cost you directly. include everything, take that and add your % you want for profit. Bam their is your price, don't bother asking what to charge because what I or others would charge means nothing to your business. Don't just toss a price at them write a brief but detailed narrative detailing why they should consider your services and what you can do and offer them include a copy of an insurance binder or clearly state proof of insurance provided immediately upon request or your bid could be rejected out of hand.
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    You know what they are paying now just bid the same or a little more to cover yourself. Why would you bid less then they are paying now?
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    I believe they are paying around $30 per unit $60 per building... they are looking to cut costs and lawn care is where they want someone a little less expensive but the same or better for little less price- I was thinking $25 or even a $27 per unit-- it takes about 2 hours worth of work for three guys but i'd be doing this by myself or with another guy so it'd take about three hours. My question was more towards how do i bid the job- say 40 per unit per month or 20 per unit per cut with x amount of cuts per year- I really do not know much about the commercial part- I do all residential

    Thanks for all the advice guys.

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