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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by RossP, May 8, 2007.

  1. RossP

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    Alright here it is.:waving: Im making an estimate for a job i just took a look at yesterday and i need some help. sorry i dont have pictures. I need to clean out and clear away a 20 ft X 20 ft gravel layout (looks like something you'd put a swingset on) thats approx 6 inches deep. After all this is cleared out i will need to fill the area with loam and reseed. what would you do for an estimate?:dizzy: appreciate any help thanks!!

    also. i figured 400 sq ft will require about 9 yds of loam...
  2. RossP

    RossP LawnSite Member
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    anyone?? could use the help
  3. EWS

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    do you have a skid steer. you have to figure 2 hours to clean it out with a skid steer 200.00 a hr plus disposal about 550.00 to clean it out than fill it with topsoil and seed. total should be about 1000-1300 depending on prices of topsoil in your are plus you have a dump so you can buy in bulk cheap

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