Need help on Exmark Lazer Z HP 46"

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by Mirror7m, Oct 28, 2006.

  1. Mirror7m

    Mirror7m LawnSite Member
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    I am looking into buying the Exmark Lazer Z HP 46" with the Kawasaki 23HP engine . I would like to know what is the price I should pay for one brand new. And also is this a good engine? List for me some good and bads about this setup I listed please.
  2. eXmark

    eXmark Manufacturer / Sponsor
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    Thanks for your interest in the HP line. The 2007 Lazer Z HP with 23hp Kawi and 46" deck lists for $7799. We did not offer a 23/46 in 2006 so there might not be a lot of feedback specific to this model.
  3. dwlah

    dwlah LawnSite Senior Member
    from Argo Al
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    Ive got a 19/46 bought this spring
    No major problems one of the pumps has started leaking(just enough to notice) will get it fixed when Im thru mowing for the season
    Just check the fluids/greaseas needed and keep the blades sharp
  4. k12lts

    k12lts LawnSite Member
    from Indiana
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    I have a 2005 HP 52" with the Kawa 23 and it's been a great engine. It has plenty of power for the 52 so the 46 should be fine.
  5. MuleCutter

    MuleCutter LawnSite Member
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    i have a 19 hp 46 in HP. i LOVE it. i have had no problems since i've had it. the leak one of the other guys was talking about is most likely a pinched o-ring from the factory causing oil to bypass the seal. some of the hp's had this problem but i'm pretty sure they have corrected it. mine never had that leak but i've seen about 3 units with it. overall a great machine but i would love to put a 23 on mine and sell my 19 only cuz i'm greedy when it comes to horsepower.

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