need help on fertilization condo complexx


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dirty jersey
total turf sf=245,000
2 applications
1 crab/fert,1 broadleaf weed control/fert.(as pre spcts)
my plans were to apply lesco's crab/ app. 1
and lesco 34-?-?,and spray momentoum as app 2 .
useing a perm-a-green ride on sprayer/sprader
they called for no soil test, but i am doing one .
and did not state amount of n per 1000 sf

matt. list =
20 bags of 25-5-10 pre-m/fert=240.00/(pre-m=.86%)
15 bags of 34-0-11 fert 50%scu=??? say 13.00/bag=195.00
2.5 gal momentoum cost??? 100.00
flags= 245 flags 20.00
total cost $555.00

what is the est.time per application?( that ones for you lazer)

when i flag my state says at each enterence/walk way. (i never see that many flags).

i was asked to bid on this just for the applications and the billing is through the cutting company,that i know nothing about. thats the part i donot like.

what do you think this job is worth per application?

i was thinking 2.73/m
this is for yr.2001

do you think i can cut the "n" down?

property mang. make requests like this have no idea.

thanks guys

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Adding is off by $100.00 should be $555. instead of 455.oo
I would charge in my area $3.00 To 3.25 per 1,000 total
$735.00 to $796.00 This for me would be my min. charge


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dirty jersey
thank arther i edited the math.


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My info here is so valueable, I should be charging for it:

245,000 = 3-3.5 hours.

Pre-M fertilizer = 240.00
34-0-11 25% SCU = 120.00
2.5 gal 2,4-D w/ a little Confront = 50.00
Flags = 20.00

Total materials = 430.00

6-7 man/hours for BOTH applications.

6-7 hours x 100.00/hour = 6-700.00 + 430.00 materials = 1030.00-1130.00.

-- Hey! not far too off from yours, but you're using better materials (50% SCU)


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Somerset, NJ
The flagging law in NJ for multi resident dwelling says you must put flags "in such a manner that they are clearly legible from all prinipal access points of the treated property" This is why you don't see flags at every walkway. You only need to put them at the main entrances to the property. Just make sure the other notification paperwork has been done correctly.
Ok I will play.

Materials for both apps $430.

Two apps at 5 man hours per app includes clean up time at
$25/hour for labor and equipment costs=$250

Total cost $680.

The next question is how much do you want the job and what is the competition in the local market. This will determine what gross profit margin to apply to the cost.

30% GPM is bare min if you want the job bad=$975.

40% GPM is good when there is some competition=$1135.

50% GPM is good when there is no competition=$1360.

Now grasshopper take the pebble from my hand.


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