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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by SethTheLawnGuy, Jan 22, 2014.

  1. SethTheLawnGuy

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    I'm working at a house with a nice big .5 acre yard they have barely any grass to show and the soil is packed solid and some places have so many pebbles it looks more like a small creek bed. I'm thinking it would be best to just add some soil or compost and cultivate the lawn, then do Fescue. They also have some areas that need mulching probably about 800sqft.

    By the time you factor in equipment and all the materials with labor I'm looking at close to $4700.

    Does this seem reasonable? and can I get some thoughts on what other people would do in this situation?
  2. hydemow

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    What equipment are you bringing in and how long. Tons of dirt coming in?
  3. SethTheLawnGuy

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    Equipment would be a skidsteer and a dingo with a cultivator attachment. and it's about 50 yds of topsoil. I figured that up and it would cover the entire place 2" thick.
  4. RigglePLC

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    Hardly any grass? Why is that exactly? 2 inches of topsoil isn't enough to make any difference. Also it is nearly impossible to spread a thin layer evenly. Use the Dingo and work with the soil you already have. If there is no irrigation--install it--as it is the most important part of success with grass. If they can grow weeds on the site--they can grow grass, (provided there is enough sunlight, and adequate drainage). Sod? Seed in fall for fescue and early summer for Bermuda. You should have a soil test as there may be a need for lime. Is the site more suitable to Bermuda? Coastal plain or mountain? Soil sandy or red clay?
  5. SethTheLawnGuy

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    The lawn is mostly packed clay soil, with barely anything growing, the only reason to bring in extra soil was to mix it in with what was there just to help improve the overall soil conditions. The client wants to have fescue and they understand that this is not the perfect time to be doing all this but they said if we can get something going for now we can renovate again in the fall.
  6. RigglePLC

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    Weeds, trees, kudzu all grow fine on clay--if there is good moisture. Do you really want to seed in spring with no irrigation.
  7. SethTheLawnGuy

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    The owner wants to seed, it's in a country club and probably one of the least attractive yards in there so they want something. But Irrigation is out for them and so is sod. The soil is very dry and packed.

    I know after seeding it's going to have to be watered a lot but I think they prefer doing that now over having an irrigation system.
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  8. agrostis

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    My thought's ... I woudn't plant fescue in Garner NC even if it was fall and you had automatic irrigation. That place is right on the edge of eastern NC, it will get too hot and humid even for the best cool season grass. If you plant without irrigation and at the wrong time of the year you have a real good chance of having bare ground during the summer. I would seriously consider 419 bermuda, that's a whole lot better grass for your situation. You can get a 500 sq. ft. pallet from super sod for $80.00, use a machete and make enough sprig's to cover 2000 sq. ft. I can have solid coverage of a 5000 sq. ft. yard within 1 growing season with 2 1/2 pallet's. This is much more economical in the long run and will make you look like a hero. If this place is in a country club then all you have to do is look at the fairway's of the golf course, that's the exact same grass. Good luck with whatever you do.
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  9. they live in a CC and irrigation and sod are out? Can you say cheapskate. These are the types i stay away from.
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  10. greendoctor

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    You also do not grow grass on dirt. Want a lawn that matches what is growing at the golf course, you need hybrid bermuda growing on 70% sand and 30% organic matter. Please do not bring in dirt. If you don't have it, don't buy it. What is available locally is probably more of the same stuff the grass struggles to grow on. If this recommendation is to rich for the owner, run. You are dealing with a person that cannot afford to live where he is. Florida Gardener is giving good advice. That is just how things are sometimes. Stay away from customers like that otherwise you will end up with the same problem he has.

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