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    hello friends, I have always sit back and read your items and have learned a lot. I have one for you. I am bidding on a public works job which will have you (3rd person) pickup curbside leaves via vacuum 4 times a year. There is approxmately 1400 resident. tell me if I am on the right path and give me your numbers. I negelected to tell you that I work solo however for this job I plan on hiring several college kids along with renting approxmately 2 trucks. I already have a pickup and a 6'x12' trailer when modified can hold approx. 15 cu yds. There are a ton of trees.

    1. first thing I did was estimate how many cu yds of leaves each resident trees would produce. I was liberal I estmate .6cu yds per resident.
    2. I estimated the total time it would take me to vacuum each home I estimate 30 min. Than I multiply that by 60 to give me my total man hrs. Then I divide that by the number of crews I have working to give me total job time allowing for weather and other circumstances.
    3. I then estimate the cost of transportation and dumping along with any repairs and all the other overhead work comp. labor,etc.
    have fun guys with this one and let me know what you come up with. I am using 2 Billy goat vacuum (tailgated mounted) now and thinking I may employ a 3rd .

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