Need help on mulch pricing

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by coachmoneil, Nov 4, 2006.

  1. dekalb lawn man

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    Wow 30 a yard installed, that place must not make any money at all. Even if i bought mulch in bulk (10+ yards) to save a little money at 23 per yard average thats only a profit of 7 bucks and i dont know of any body around here that works for that kinda money
  2. MartinsMowing

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    how do you calculate the ammount of mulc needed for the job..measure square footage but then how do you add in the depth?
  3. kmann

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    Thing is, they by it by the truckload, so they probably don't pay more than $13.00 or less per yard. Use a couple "Temporary Guest Workers" to put it down and they make out okay.

    HOOLIE LawnSite Gold Member
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    Say for instance you are laying it down at a depth of 3 inches...3" equals 0.25 feet. Just multiply the square footage by the depth in feet.

    I use 150 sqft per yard as a benchmark...
  5. Tim Smith

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    Wow that's a ton of money per yard of mulch. We charge 47.50 per yard installed we pay 31.50 to have it blown in. We make 16.00 a yard for a phone call but we are talking 2-3 thousand yards of mulch 2 times per year.
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  6. Darryl G

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    I only install natural premium wood mulches - Cedar, Hemlock and Pine bark mulches. I have in the past installed hardwood mulch from a local tree service on some large beds in a back yard.

    I will not install processed dyed mulch products that are made from "recycled" material. The stuff is toxic crap! The problem is that most of it is derived from construction and deomoltiion debris that contains pressure treated wood. Spreading large amounts of material contaminated with heavy metals (chromium, copper and arsenic) is not something I am going to do. Until they better regulate what goes into these mulches you will not see me spreading them. The only exception would be something like dyed natural cedar if the customer really wanted red mulch.

    My pricing is in the range of $85 to $100/yard installed with light to moderate weeding and edging.
  7. Ijustwantausername

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    Good gosh, I wish I could do that here. I thought my flat rate of $80/yard was high. Good for you, bad for customer. Keep it up though
  8. tnwildcat

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    I am very careful on mulch estimates. No two houses are the same. How far do you have to transport the mulch? Are shrubs packed tight together? Can you dump and spread or are you on your hands and knees to get the job done correctly. Also charge extra to pull weeds and prep beds-edging. If you entire business is based on price there is always a non insured hack out there do to it for less. Price where you will make money taking your time to do a great job. Happy customers call again price shoppers call everyone.

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