Need help on mulching estimate

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by WECS, Oct 3, 2004.

  1. WECS

    WECS LawnSite Member
    from houston
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    The sqf is 3,347 on flower beds i would like some advice on how much i should charge customer it is a commercial building.Any idea will help
    Thanks in advance.
  2. Runner

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    Is there mulch already in them? If so, you won't need as much. You DO want atleast 3" of coverage, though. 4 is better. At 3", you would be looking at around 31 yds. 4" would be 41 yds.. If you can get the stuff delivered as close to where it has to go (different locations). Figure about 2 yds. per hour spread. Adjust the cost for the time to set up the delivery and such. Different people price it different ways, with a search on here, you will come up with some viable price structures and find something tghat will better suit your needs. The best thing to do is just charge a one-lump sum for delivery and installation, and NEVER show them what they (you) are paying for material. That is where some people get into hassles. Customers don't understand why their should be a markup (in most cases just up to retail cost), but they don't have consideration for your time going to find the right stuff, place the order, setting up delivery, etc. If they want the price for mulch installed, then that's what they get.
    By the way, for future reference, for knowing how much material you need, here's a way-cool website that has a mulch calculator on it.
  3. WECS

    WECS LawnSite Member
    from houston
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    What would be the exact price for 31 yrds of mulch with me hauling it to cite ?
  4. fcl01

    fcl01 LawnSite Member
    from OHIO
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    :dizzy: tell me you didnt just ask that!?
    call your supplier and ask them if you want exact.
  5. Mikes Lawn Landscape

    Mikes Lawn Landscape LawnSite Senior Member
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    $2430.00+$200.48 tax = $2630.48 total.

    I'd probably do the job for $1625.00 wanna know why I'd do it cheaper ? payup
  6. Fantasy Lawns

    Fantasy Lawns LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I'd find a local contractor with a blower n have it blown in ..... down here I can get 60 yards blown in @ $40 per yard .... price at $50 n just make a quick $600 with a phone call ;->
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  7. olderthandirt

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    Jobs way over your head when you ask a ? like the one you just did. Stop by here and I'll cut you a deal if you can haul at least 10 yds a time I can sell it at $50 a yd with a min. of 30 yds
  8. Ability

    Ability LawnSite Member
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    WOW!!!! $50 a yard. I hope you're joking. Here in we don't pay more than $9 or $10 a yard with no minimum.
  9. Coffeecraver

    Coffeecraver LawnSite Senior Member
    from VA.
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    31 ydsx 65.00 per yd installed

    This does not include edging or weeding
    It is flat putting it down on top of existing mulch.

    Don't cut yourself short charge 1.50 per ft for edging
    This includes edging and hauling the debris

    .75 cents per ft if the bed already has an edge that has been kept up.

    weeding is case by case

  10. WECS

    WECS LawnSite Member
    from houston
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    Would like some ideas on how to get a lot of commercial properties.
    Any ideas will help thanks in advance.

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