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Discussion in 'Tractors' started by RGEISLER88, Jul 27, 2005.


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    I need to clear a lot, It's about 3 aceres. I need to know what type tractor i need and attachments, also what size. I would like to be under $10,000. Thanks for the help. Iwill need to level the land so i will need to move alot of dirt. There is trees to be taken down and the stumps removed. Sorry this is so sloppy, but i'm late for work. thanks for the input.
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    IMO you are gonna have a hard time finding a tractor capable of all that for under 10K. You need a fairly decent sized tractor to remove stumps. A JD 4310 with a bucket, box blade, and brush cutter would do everything you need except the stumps. If I were you I would rent a machine to do the work.
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    You should look for an old $hitbox backhoe or rent a machine. 10 grand is not enough to even get near the ballgame, if you are talking new equipment!
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    Lawn king is right, rent one! Get a Case or a Deere full size if you'll be doing that much with it.
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    For $10,000 you aren't going to find much. Now for $14,500 I could sell you a used kubota B7500 with all the attachments you need (except a backhoe)

    The JD 2210 is a subcompact that really is a really large garden tractor. Just the tractor is $10,500. The loader is $2500, a box scraper is $400.

    An even better choice would be buy a used skidsteer. For $10,000 you can get a decide size one 60 to 72" bucket with about 2000 hours. $1500 for a brush grapple and you are good to go.

    Skid steers are much better for digging into dirt with. Since the loader arms of a tractor have no support frame in the down postion. Loaders on tractors are more for moving loose materials. The arms on a skid steer in the down postion are supported by the front frame of the skid loader. So you can hit something and not bend the arms. I have a skid loader and a compact tractor. The skid steer is far better for digging.
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    I agree, the skid steer would be a great option. Hopefully you can find a reasonable one and get your money out after you are done. Rent you a harley rake for the skid steer and finish the lot for seed.
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    John Deere just came out with a 2305(i believe) to replace the 2210, making the new 2305 the smallest utility tractor in the JD line. You might have to wait a while for pricing though. Only a few dealers have recieved these tractors so far. Good luck!

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