Need help on selling organic nitrogin rich fertilizer

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by garth78, May 6, 2011.

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    I am not a lawn care professional but need help on selling organic fertilizer. I have a client that has large quantities (2000/tons year) of dried biosolids from a food digester. These solids are dried and would be perfect as an organic fertilizer. Does anyone know any large users that might use this type of material? Or suppliers that might be interested to resell? Similar to Milorginite without but coming strictly from a food digester (no harmful metals). Looking to source out in the Illinois/Wisconsin market. Please post possible sources/comments. I appreciate any help.
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    you should send it off to a lab like Mid west bioscience and ask for the Canadian heavy metals test and a macro and micro nutrient test, they are pretty cheap

    WI is very strict with their fertilizer laws, you first have to be licensed to sell in WI you then have to submit your testing data to see if it meets their strict heavy metals requirements and you also have to submit a label to be approved by the state and pay a yearly fee per product registered, fines are substantial for not being compliant
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    Olsen's Distributing in Barrington Illinois sells organic based fertilizers with bio-solids, composted chicken manure, etc.

    Bob Olsen is the owner (847) 381-9333.
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    BTW a full truck load of fertilizer is 22,000 lbs, we work with many companies that buy multiple truckloads per round. Ag uses most granular fert's at 2 tons per acre, his capacity would be 1000 acres per year, 2000 tons may sound like a lot but it is a drop in the bucket

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