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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by MRGreenstuff, Mar 14, 2006.

  1. MRGreenstuff

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    Could someone please advise me on the following, Client wants 50 Azaleas planted. 5 gallon containers. I have planted a few before but not in this quantity. I will pick up shrubs from nursery(charge) plus soil amendment's for plants. I will also be renting a earth auger to speed up the process, but I'm unsure of cost to plant them or how much time it would take , then I could charge my going rate per hour. thanks!:confused:
  2. cgrappler135

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    not sure about your area but around me i'd charge $2250. Thats $45 a peice, i get them for like $17 or $18 a peice, maybe a little less for the quanity. just my 2 cents. but let me know what you land the job at

    LANDSCAPER30 LawnSite Member
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    I would come in at 55.00/ plant installed. That's for a 24-32" plant. I wouldn't even mess with an auger unless the ground is absolutely hard as hell. Then add in your cost of amending your soil.(Granular, black dirt, peat moss) Basically, find out what you have in it. :usflag:
  4. rodneyskip

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    I'm with landscaper30- don't mess with the auger- the holes are really not that deep. If you are going to add soil I assume that you will use a tiller? Soil amendment only helps if you can get it 12" or deeper. Otherwise you will have a shallow root system that won't be able to thrive in the native soil. If you are tilling in this much soil, you won't need to use an auger.

    Don't forget to "plant high." The amended soil will tend to settle faster than normal. You don't want your plants in a hole.
  5. southernlandscapespecial

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    Will you be getting the Azaleas at wholesale? If so I would add in the full retail price of what the customer would have had to pay for it. Then figure out how many hours it would take to plant all 50..I would take my time and drag it out into 2 days. When I give my customers etimates on labor I tell them that it also includes all materials such as (fertilizer,pre and post herbicides etc..) but does not include plants,mulch,borders or anything real expensive.. Seems like customers are more accepting when you tell them that you are charging 60.00 per hour for labor and that some material is included in the price..
  6. LB1234

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    You say you give them an estimate on labor? So they don't actually know what it is going to you provide a 'won't exceed price X' in this as well?
  7. Splicer

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    "I would take my time and drag it out into 2 days"

    Its that kind of attitude that makes most business' go downhill in the blink of an eye. Why not just come out and say something like, 'I like to screw my customers'? Same priciple here.

    The way to make $$$ is to work as quickly as possible and get on to the next job. A better job will be done and everyone is getting a fair deal.
  8. southernlandscapespecial

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    I was assuming this was being done by a 1 or 2 man crew and I was also figuring the drive to the nursery the time to pick up plants. so despite what you think, I think 2 days is reasonable for a small crew. I do not screw my customers I take my time and they get great work. Maybe you are the one with the screwing problem with the ( Plant as quickly as possible and go screw the next person in a hurry attitude)
  9. southernlandscapespecial

    southernlandscapespecial LawnSite Member
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    I always tell the customer that what ever the estimate comes out to that it will not be one penny over that amount unless they add more to the job, and I always try to do it for less than what the final estimate was and they are thrilled
  10. Splicer

    Splicer LawnSite Senior Member
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    Sorry to offend you. But when you clearly state that you would "drag it out for 2 days" that tells me just that, that you intend to drag it out. That does not tell me that you were "assuming" a thing. You stated as a fact, not an assumption.:hammerhead:

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