Need help on spraying.

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    Recently new to spraying.

    I have a 200 gal lesco sprayer. Trying to figure what a common gpm would be on a gun sprayer.

    I am trying to figure a bid for an acre of turf to be sprayed for crabgrass.

    I plan to use coinstar and it says one pound of product per acre.

    what is the correct way to caliberate my sprayer? I can mark out 1000 sq ft and figute how long and how many gallons are used, but around how many gal should actually be put down? How fast do most of you walk when spraying, how long should an acre take me to do correctly, how heavy do you actually have to spray?

    Hope this all makes sense, i am new and just want to make sure i am going to do everything the right way. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Choose a pressure --say set it at 100 bls. Fill with water to 50 gallons. Spray at youur normal walking pace until you have used 25 gallons. Measure the number of sqft you covered. Calculate your gallons per 1000 sqft. Repeat until consistant. Mix you chemicals based on the gallons per thousand you are using. Make a fill chart for your main products.

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