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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Victo, Jan 6, 2005.

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    I had lady called me the other day and ask me for an estimates. I went to the house and nobody at home. So, I just looked the yard from fornt and side. I did not go at the back because I am worried to behind somebody's house when they are not in. Anyway they is no anyhouse behind it beside a lake. So, I said $60 dollars for the lawn service (Mowing, trimming and edging).

    I went to mow the house today and and I go at the back it's kind of down hill to teh lake. They back yard is very big and 5 feet from the lake is downhill. I cut as much I could from the lake and I can't go further because I am worried my lawn tracto will rollover. I can't cut about 3 feet from the lake.

    I called the lady again and I ask her how far is the property and she said all the way to teh lake. I told her her then I can't mow all the way to lake and I told her that I gave a wrong estimates and it's going to be more that $60. She said how could I agree at the first place. I said, I gave you wrong price and I can't do it for this price. She said ok and when I ask her to just pay me for today $25.00 she pass it to her husband. He told me he can't pay me beacuse I didn't do my work. I told him I can't go all the to the lake because I am worried my tractor will turn over. This ass hole dude still say he can't pay me and talked b/s. I got pist off and told him to stick the 25 to his ass.

    What guys think? I learn a big lesson today without seeing the owner and explain what is covered and not and get the contract in first place.
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    Could you please post your threads in the commercial forum instead of this forum? thanks, I'll relocate this one for you.
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    Thats why they make 21" commercials and smaller 32", 36" walk behinds, the $60 bid was probably a good bid. You just have to work harder sometimes for your money. But i agree with you.. they were cheap.. good deal to offer them only $25... im assuming the rest up to the lake was pretine looking after you finished.
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    well the bridge it burnt now, just chalk it up to experience now. but could u have weedeated that final 5 feet... i would havejust finished the job and then politely tell them next time this what the price is..
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    i agree he screwed up 60.00 and only 5 feet of weed waking isn't that bad usually i do a extra good job for first time know what they say ... :cool2: first impreshions are every thing.. :p :p :p
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    Seriously???... :rolleyes:
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    Wow. They are lucky they didn't try to pull that one on me. Even luckier they didn't try it on BobbyGedd. I would have made it clear that I was going to get paid $25 or else!
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    Not trying to be overly critical here made the mistake of not knowing the limits of the property before giving a price and you made an even bigger mistake by not finishing the job (and then had a confrontation with the homeonwer on the phone?!?!?!) you can only burn so many bridges before you have no where left to turn. Of course they will be upset when you tell them it will be more then 60$ after giving them a quote - don't blame them. This is the first time you've done business with these people and now you've ruined your credibility with them. I would have cut all the way to the lake, eaten the little bit of extra time and done a GREAT JOB, then before the next scheduled service I would have explained NICELY that the job took longer than I anticipated and the rate would have to increase...customer happy, many refferals to follow, new base of lakefront clients etc...
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