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  1. I have a customer with this backyard area that I convinced to scrap the sod and landscape. She has the other side of the back already set(palms) and my question is 2-fold.

    1)If I continue the pattern of how the palms are set up and continue that on the other side, does that go against design rules?
    2)We will be mainly using beach sand in the currently sodded area and she wants to put a pathway that you can get from the gate to the actual pavers. I can't envision how the pathway should be set up.

    I know this isn't the easiest to do with limited pics, but any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I planned on using the same palms in the same arrangement on the side to be landscaped and then use a filler in between them. I am going to rip out all banana plants as well. Those plants would be in a "bed" with landscape rock and the rest of the area will be silica sand. You can't see the gate much, but the pathway would go from the gate to the pavers. I was thinking something eliptical, but can't envision it looking that great. Let me know if this makes sense. TIA
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    Where is suny florida are you.
    I do alot landscape design in tight areas just as you have here.
  3. Jupiter. I want to do a coconut in thecorner and two Xmas triples at each end with firebush as my filler. Only problem is the rest of the back is too tight for firebush so I think some heliconias would be good. Any ideas?
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    I would do every thing possible to hide that fence. I would use the xmas with cat palm behind tha with some Ty on both side of the cat. In front of xmas schefflera. I would use some Arecas and do that every other and offset it with the coco. if there is room mix in xanadu and crotons. Heliconia I think is short lived and teadiously high main pulling out all the dead leaves.
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    Question #1- no it certainly doesn't, if there is room enough to do that go for it.
    #2- What are you are asking about here? I need a picture of the pathway area in question in order to help you out with it.
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    I wouldn't try and mimic anything on that other side of the yard. Try to design to hide the fence and also create an additional outdoor space or point of interest. The other side is a mish mash of things and you could tell there was no professional reasoning behind it. A circular beached area sounds good with landscaping based around it. Try fishtail palms along the one side of fence, another foundation planting on the other side and add xanadus, flax lily, liriope, bromeliads, iris, shell ginger.

    Heliconias look amazing in summer and are great tropical solutions for certain apps but will die off completely in a winter frost all the way to the ground, and start to regrow in spring

    I don't know if its just me but I've been having bad luck with Firebush they seem to get a lot of leaf miners among other things
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    for the path how about penn. bluestone cut 2x2 or 18x18s? off set the pattern and you could even throw in some 12x12s. its a great look and easy to walk on.
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    Some White Birds of Paradise would look nice in there.
  9. Thanks for the help guys. The customer nixed the beach sand/walkway I wanted to do as it is going to see action from kids/dog. I decided to do 3 Coconuts(about 10 ft. OA), Dwf. Firebush along the fence, and Dwf. Fakahatchee grass in front of the Coco's. The Coco's will be spaced out. 1 in the corner and the other 2 about 8 ft. from that one on either side. We will re-sod later on. I also told the customer we need to rip out a good portion of the other side and eventually tie it in to what we are doing on this side. The customer wants low maintenance. Some of the other suggestions were good, but I think this setup will look great. I love Fishtails, but they are way more expensive than what the budget calls for.

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