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  1. humble1

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    A couple quick ones

    1)I have the largest vine type poison ivy I have seen, what works with out damageing the trees it is on. I dont think roundup and sythe will do it.

    2) need vegetation killer for another job, commercial lot with fence customer wants all scrub brush nuked along with poison ivy. But dont want to damage trees.

    Would roundup sythe and surfactant work well,
    Any other ideas.
  2. rcreech

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    Go at a very high rate or Gly...say 6-8% and you will smoke it! You might look at the Crossbow label also, as I think it would work great also, but check and make sure you can use it where you need it!
  3. Runner

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    Yep. And stay away from the Scythe for this. It causes too fast of foliage burndown and hinders the overall efficacy.
  4. Whitey4

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    I'll likely get smoked for this.... but here goes: Ortho has a poison Ivy killer that works. I don't recall the AI, but used it several years ago before I did this for a living, and it wiped out all ivies, even on tree trunks with no damage that was visable to the trees.

    I would now read the label more carefully than I did back then, but I can vouch for the results.... and I likely had it applied at a somewhat stronger rate than the law(the label) said.

    Truth is, a lot of the Ortho stuff works very well, and is good for small LCO's that treat and don't need tankfulls of product. The Ortho crabgrass killer with Acclaim will kill almost every grassy weed there is. It's an old arsenic formulation, but it works in a mix nicely. Maybe a bit of burn on the blue grass if applied heavilly, but it works.
  5. greendoctor

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    Ortho Poison Ivy Killer is watered down Garlon 3A. Put enough triclopyr on most vines, they are gone. Crossbow might not be a good idea around trees you want to keep. It is 2,4-D ester + triclopyr ester. That stuff will pass through intact bark. I am thinking Garlon 3A, RoundUp and 5 lb KarmexDF where you want the fenceline cleaned up. It will spare the trees, but the smaller vegetation you spray this over will go and not come back.
  6. rcreech

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    Good points, but I think he will be ok it doesn't take but about 12 hours for the Gly to translocate.

    The Gly alone though will work great! I just like the Sythe so you can "see" the stuff smoldering! :laugh:
  7. RigglePLC

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    During my first year I worked for TruGreen, a customer (nice lady) said she had tried everything to kill this her small poison ivy growing on a 10 inch diameter wild cherry tree--nothing worked. (I believed her). So i said I would spray it--sprayed it 5 times over with fertilizer and Trimec solution. It worked. And when I came by on the next round to get my customers grateful thanks--the tree was gone. It died, and she had it taken out.

    The best thing to use is a tree saw. Cut the pioson ivy off near ground level with the saw. Everything above the cut will die, quick. Now just treat the sprouts that come from the roots about once per month for three months. Something containing triclopyr is excellent. Dont soak the ground with dicamba as it will injure the tree.
  8. DiyDave

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    Best way to kill PI quick, if you can get at the main vine, is to glove up, and take out a 6-12" chunk of the main vine with a handsaw, then pour half strength roundup (20% A.I.) on the bottom stump, and let it soak in. Kills it dead every time, the top wilts within days. Tricky part is to not get it on you!:laugh::laugh:
  9. bchalks

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    I use a product called Vine-X for large vines. It has an applicator brush and just brush it onto the vine itself. They have a commercial type that you need to have a pest liscense for, in MA at least. You just paint the vine x number of feet for every y/8ths of an inch dia.

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