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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by arogant, Jul 9, 2006.

  1. arogant

    arogant LawnSite Member
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    I would like some help choosing a new hedge trimmer. I will be trimming about 40 medium (boxwoods and dogwoods) in my yard and about the same at my foks house. I will only use these things 4 times a years for 2-3 hours at a time. I just want a good quality machine that will start when needed (i will be storing it more than using) and will not require high maintenance. I have 2 local dealers that I trust and use but both have different suggestions.

    Dealer 1 - he is pushing the ECHO 150 model, he said it has new blades this year and heavier gearbox now - $269.00

    Dealer 2 - he says Kawasaki KHT600S is by far the better machine - 259.00

    Both machines feel nice and both are at a good price point - is there a clear winner hear. I would just like to have a good machine that will cut nice and clean and last 5 + years.

  2. ed2hess

    ed2hess LawnSite Fanatic
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    The Echo 150 will be just fine, we have 3 of them and all of them are used heavy duty with practically no problems. The Echo has carb adjustments that is helpful as the unit wears in....don't know about the other brand. Weight is very very important..!!
  3. TriCountyLawn

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    Ditto- The Echo would be a fine choice
  4. pgoulding

    pgoulding LawnSite Member
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    I would do a search on here before you go out and but the echo. Im not saying you guys are wrong because i own neither but there have been posts about how good kawasaki handhelds are.
  5. firefightergw

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    from Texas
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    I've had a Kawasaki hedge trimmer that I bought new since last year. I don't have it with me (it's at home and I am at the Fire Station) but I think it is a 650 or 700. I've never used a Echo hedge trimmer but all my trimmers and blowers are Echo. I like all my Echo equipment but that Kawasaki hedge trimmer is a beast. I have ran that thing into the ground and it still starts first pull every time. It will easily cut branches as big as your thumb and I have never had the blade sharpened. You buy the Kawasaki and when you use that thing you will never have one regret. AWESOME piece of equipment that I would defineately buy again.
  6. newz7151

    newz7151 LawnSite Silver Member
    from Tejas
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    Hey firfightergw, what part of TX are you in that you are running the Kawi's in?
  7. arogant

    arogant LawnSite Member
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    I went to my local guy again today to purchase and he was out of the Kawasaki and also showed me a new Tanaka (210S) that he just got in. It has more features (rotating handle, 26" blade, and anti-vibration) than the basic Kawasaki but was priced at $299.00. This is the first time I have seen the Tanaka - is it a good machine and a good price?

    Thanks Again

  8. firefightergw

    firefightergw LawnSite Gold Member
    from Texas
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    He's out of the Kawasaki for a reason.
  9. iluvscag

    iluvscag LawnSite Senior Member
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    Stihl HS 45 enough said.
  10. arogant

    arogant LawnSite Member
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    Well I found a dealer across town that stocks Kaws, Tanaka, Echo, Redmax, and Shindawia. I was able to touch, start, run, and test cut all of them. I was looking for my best bang for the buck (I will only using them on 2 houses - home owner). It came down to the new Tanaka 210S and the Kaw 600D - both have the rotating handle. I decided that the rotating handle was well worth the $30-50 after running the tool at chest height. The price was the same for the Tanaka or the Kaw 600D ($299.00 - great price). The Tanaka was 1lb lighter, but the Kaw has more power, 1.3 vs. 1.1, the Kaw started on the first pull every time, ran smoother, and replacement parts for the Tanaka are very expensive.
    I purchased the Kaw 600D for 299.00 +tax and am very satisfied. I can say that after doing research, test running them all, asking opinions from the pros on this website and my experience as a tooling engineer for one of the auto industries OEMs it was a very close call. I think that all of the machines as quality and with good dealer support all would be a fine choice. Thanks for the feed back.

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