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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by pwoller, Aug 26, 2014.

  1. pwoller

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    That's what I was thinking. I see bigger turf tracers from 2300 to 4500 all day around here.
  2. 123hotdog

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    I bought a brand spanking new 48" Wright belt drive walk behind for $3300 this year. However, I am sure you are thinking 61" ztr. I don't blame you. I would watch Craigslist farm&garden like a hawk. The ideal mower for you would be a homeowner looking to sale a big mower that has moved and no longer needs it. For years I bought used on Craigslist. I always bought between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I always managed to find someone in desperate need of holiday money. I have drove up to three hours for the right deal. Over the years I bought, a 36" Scag for $500; a 48 Scag for $400; a 61" Great Dane for $500. The deals are out there in the winter if you are persistent and continue to watch. Best of luck.:usflag:
  3. gardengnome

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    I've had a customer with a yard I could actually mow faster with a 36" WB than I could with a 54" ZTR. I've also run a belt drive 36" SCAG against a 48" Hydro (run by and employee) and outperformed it.
    So, first question would be: "Why are you taking 2 hours to mow an acre and a half?" Are you walking it in third? My first reaction would be to tell you to get a damn Velke and learn how to operate the machine!
    Second. The time you spent trimming around trees is not going to appreciatively decrease. It may actually go slower with a rider.
    Third. You may actually do more damage to your lawn with all the turning you have to do with a larger and heavier machine.
    Fourth. >>I dont want to spend 2 hours cutting my yard when I know I can do it in an hour with a bigger mower<< So you're looking for at least a 72 inch mower? You do realize of course that you're going to jump from a 14Hp engine to at least a 25, i.e. higher fuel consumption. You're going from 2 blades to 3, i.e. more expense to replace and sharpen. Wheels bigger; pumps bigger, repair and maintenance, everything higher.
    Oh, and lastly, bigger mower, lower quality of cut!

    Though testosterone requires us guys to buy the biggest and newest toys, perhaps you should consider hiring a local lawn Pro! You could sell your SCAG and save yourself that 3K for a used mower and than you can spend both those hours on your priorities instead of just one.

    I'm with TP, "Patience Grasshopper!"
  4. pwoller

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    I have a velkie and can operate the machine. Thanks for your concern though. I'm not going to hire someone to mow for me when I can do it myself, but its not the most important thing in the world to me. I just want a faster mower so I can get mowing my yard done more quickly.

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