Need help picking Quickbooks version.

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by rokko17, Jan 12, 2011.

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    I have a 1 year old landscape company. We do not do maintenance and very little irrigation work. Mostly design build. I am a one man show and use subs for all my labor, etc.. I need to get Quickbooks. I was doing what I could with Quicken.

    I have 2 main types of customers. The first are normal one time customers where I will be getting an initial draw and then the final. The second type is an architectural firm that hires me to do the install. All of my invoices go to them. There are usually multiple draws on a project. I may have multiple projects going with them at once so I need to separate the invoices by the project. I would also like to job cost each of these separately as well.

    Do I need to upgrade every year or so? Do I need Pro or Premium? If I have to upgrade would the monthly online service be better?

    Any help is definitely appreciated.

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    Quickbooks online is pretty cool, you can access it from any computer. I would say it is similar to pro, the only reason it does not work for me is it does not accept online bill pay, which many of my customers use. Do you have a CPA and if so what does he recommend. I would think set up properly pro would work for you.

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