Need help picking trees in ct.....

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    I know flyingsquirrel already mentioned them, but I have two red maples in my the look of them and I think they could be good for what you may be looking for as well
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    Contact the National Arboretum in Washington, DC. hey have extensive lists of new tree releases etc.

    Does Conn. have an Arboretum?

    Your state should have lists of native trees for you area.

    With the national trend toward reforestation of streams etc. nursuries have started selling the natives.
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    It sounds like you have a nice little piece of heaven. :) Great book for you would be "Manual of Woody Landscape Plants", Michael A. Dirr.
    Salix is great in wet areas (willow)
    Populus deltoides (cotton wood) also loves water
    Acer rubrum (red maple) likes semi wet areas

    Salix has some nice intrest, grows fast but is really weak.
    The populus is the same way. Both are a little messy.
    The maple has great fall color.

    There are many others but these are the first that pop to my mind. They all do well in that zone and zones farther north. hope this helps
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    I think that book will be a great asset to your knowledge and a lot to learn.

    I would also call the city arborist, my local city the arborist will come out and basically give you a free consultation on what to plant and where. Might be able to help in the right direction.

    Nursery's can be another place to go and collect information.

    Personally I just like to read...
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    Hi all, I purchased a piece of property in CT that I want to put in some trees on. Heres the problem, some areas are wet (not all), I need a selection of trees that like somewhat wet feet and that could put on decent growth? I want to have something as screening/yet with some interest (if possible)? There are a ton of deer here so not sure what would work for me? May have to wait for spring at this point, but again would be nice to have a list to pick from?
    Any suggestions or help would be very much appreciated!
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    Thanks! looks like i have some reading to do.

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