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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Kentc64, Jan 12, 2019.

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    I am hoping someone can help me with a malfunctioning portable John Deere generator.

    My John Deere 440 G portable generator would not start and I tried all the things I knew to get it started. Replaced spark plug , added oil , and some fresh fuel

    After googling I then bought some carb cleaner and it started but very rough . Oil was coming out of the carb area and from underneath the unit. I am almost 100 % certain I overfilled it with oil.

    As stated I got it running and on "idle" it was billowing WHITE smoke , tons of it. I switched it over to run and it would run for 3-4 minutes without much smoke but eventually it started smoking again so I put it back on idle. It continues to run with tons of white smoke.

    This has gone on now for the better part of an hour and it will operate on "run" setting for longer periods of time but still tries to cut off. Again, I switch back to idle it smokes like crazy but does not cut off.

    I`m not sure what to do?

    Will switching back between "idle" and "run" eventually burn off the excess oil ?

    I`m not sure what to try next? Take to shop?
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    Why yes , yes you did.
    Look, ya drain the crankcase of the extra oil . Ain't no gettin around it.
    Once the oil level is right, it should burn off the oil in the muffler etc.
    Then check/clean the plug.
    Could also be the float not shutting off the fuel and letting the crankcase fill up with gas.
    Did the oil smell like gas?
    To be on the safe side, let it run till it clears up, then turn the gas off and let it die.
    Let it sit, and check the oil level. Turn the gas back on, let it sit, then check oil again the next day or so.
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    No, I don`t believe oil smelled like gas.

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