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Need help Quick!

David Shaw

LawnSite Member
South East Iowa
I have a customer who's wife insists on an organic lawn treatment program. Not a bad thing, and I've been thinking of looking into this for a long time myself. There is the potential for a good bit of business in my area. But they want it done like yesterday "of course". The lawn appears to be mostly fine fescue with a lot of thatch. I'm in Iowa and in our area that means clay. The better soil is all growing crops.:eek: :help:


LawnSite Senior Member
The 19th hole
Surely, you can find some Milorganite to put down quickly. Try it at about 12 lb/M. This should buy you some time to do some research. Then come back and chat.....


LawnSite Member
Cincinnati Ohio
If you have a problem with thatch, and hard impacted clay soil, you MUST core aerate, it needs to be done at least two times per year minimum more if you have heavly compacted soil. Mulch your grass and it will help to loam up the soil. You can also use sand to help soften the soil after aeration. as to fertalization, and the Ph leval in the yard, you need to know these so as to bring the yard into ballance. P.S. aeration will help to bring the thatch leval back to the proper ballance if you leave the cores on the lawn when you are done.