Need help setting up a sprayer.

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Heavyduty1, Jul 5, 2011.

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    I need help setting up a 3pt sprayer for my 50hp tractor, so I can spray roundup on my many feet of fence line. My fence is a simple 5 ft tall metal post with 3 rows of barb wire. I would like to spray 14 ft at a time, 7 ft behind the tractor and 7 ft through the fence. This would take care of both sides in one application.

    Would it be better to set up as a boom-less sprayer and spray through the fence or a boom sprayer for better drift control?
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    Why so far out (7 ft. each side) from the fenceline?
  3. Heavyduty1

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    The reason for spraying 14 wide (7 ft each side) is because the rest of the land is new growth trees. I've been trailering out equipment every 2-3 months to bushhog the little road and spraying just the fence line with a hand sprayer. The fence is used as a property line and to keep atv's out.

    My only concern while spraying would be drifting out past the 7 ft. A little drift 1-2 ft wouldn't be too bad, but 5-10 ft might kill some of the other property owners trees.:nono:
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    Information needed is the Ground Speed of your Tractor in Lineal ft per minute. And the operating pressure and Gallons per minute of your pump.

    What we know is you want to spray a 14 ft wide strip. 7 ft will be on the other side of a fence. That pretty much means a boomless nozzle. But we don't know how often you plan to spray which is also important in the fact the higher the brush the more spray is need to penatrate all of the leave surface.

    Ideally you want a little larger nozzle operating at a lower PSI to produce larger Droplets and less or no drift.
  5. Heavyduty1

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    Thanks for the reply, Ric.

    I would like to travel 2-3 miles an hour and will spray every 6-8 weeks (or when the brush is 1 ft tall).

    I'm still in the buying phase for the sprayer. That's why I'm over here asking the Pro's, because I usually spray RU out of a 1 gal hand held. :hammerhead:

    I saw a nice 3pt 55 gal sprayer in the Northern Tools book ($450) but it had a little 2.2 gpm at 70 psi elec motor, I don't think it will last long. I'm thinking a gas powered or even pto driven with give me a constant PSI for a steady spray pattern.

    When I do find the correct spayer for this application, is it a good idea to test the spray pattern on a concrete drive to make sure the pattern is good and to check for drift?
  6. Ric

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    Between 2 & 3 miles an hour doesn't cut it. You need an exact speed to calibrate correctly and Economically. Too much spray costs money. Too little Spray costs even more money.

    Don't discount 12v electric pumps. They can be very effective. However they might not be the ticket for your job. At 3 miles an hour and 14 ft spray width you are covering 3.696 sq ft each minute. If you only spray every 6 to 8 weeks you might want to apply 2 gallon a thousand to get total control or knock down. That means a 7.5 GPM pump or greater, in fact greater because pumps are rated at open flow with Zero PSI. Of course if you spray more often a one Gallon per thousand rate might work. It all depended on the thickness of the vegetation being treated.

    If It was me setting up this unit, I might do a Over Lapping Nozzle set up with a manual cut off on one of the nozzles. If the Vegetation was short I would only spray it once and if it was heavy I would hit it with both nozzles.

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