Need help Shirley, Long Island, NY

Discussion in 'Employment' started by soilman, Sep 10, 2005.

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    I need someone with a suitable truck (or perhaps a hatchback car), perhaps as a business partner, or perhaps as an employee doing part time work now as I get new jobs.

    I have 2 self-propelled 21 inch lawnmowers, an edger, a string trimmer, and I can afford to spend $300 on a good backpack blower. I have the mechanical skills to maintain my equipment. I have good small business bookkeeping skills.

    I have been printing out flyers and distributing them locally, and have gotten one job so far. I want to start doing fall leaf-cleanups as soon as I get the blower. A partner or employee with a truck or other motor vehicle would be very helpful.

    I am in Shirley, New York.

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