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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by hotpan, Feb 21, 2006.

  1. hotpan

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    I am new to this site but in the last day or so I have found a LOT of helpful information, yet, i still have some questions.

    I read in one of the posts that it is better to start out using a 36" wb. I am mainly focusing on cutting yards < 1 acre so this would be useful but are walk behind mowers considered professional equipment or will i be seen as an amateur? I have enough money for other mowers but I do not want to waste money on bigger mowers that i will not need or that may be too big anyway. Please help.

    Also, i have printed out 1000's of flyers, which i used a lot of the tips here!, but i was wondering when the right time to distribute them would be. I dont want to wait too early where people throw them away right away, but i dont want to be too late either.

    The only experience i have is cutting neighbors lawns for 4 years from 13 years of age to 17 yrs old. Then i joined the army and now i am getting out after 6 years. I feel stupid asking this, but once i get clients, how do i know when to START cutting???? Is it at their discretion (i guess it would be). I know there are different times for different areas, but suppose a client asked me when i would start cutting, what would i say?

    I know, i know, i know, i need to learn a lot more before cutting, but that is why i am here :).

    I am so sorry to have sooooo many questions on my very first post, but any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!!!

    Thank you so much for all of your time!!!
  2. cgrappler135

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    It might be better to start with a 48 instead, just my opinion. also tell them you start cutting when the grass starts to grow enough, may differ from yard to yard, and for flyers probly within the next month but not sure in ky. GOOD LUCK WITH EVERYTHING!!
  3. o-so-n-so

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    Welcome to lawnsite.:waving:

    I think your 36 WB will do just fine for you right now. As you get a little more experience with the mowing business you will want to upgrade...but your OK now. Many veteran LCO's on this site still use 21" push mowers and don't worry so much about what other people good work and always do what you say you will do for your customers.

    As far as to when to start cutting...just watch the people in your area. If you have a neighbor with a very nice lawn, you need to be mowing when he is mowing or has service. You can do many other things before the mowing starts to make income. I always have my lawns detailed by "Easter" weekend.

    Don't get overloaded at cheap prices...the work will come. Be patient. And finally......Always remember..You can NEVER make good money unless YOU ask for good money.

    Hope this helps you out........:usflag:
  4. sbc1971

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    Hotpan, I'm in the same boat with you.I have chosen to start out with a new 36" belt drive Gravely.As far as when to start,I plan to start just soon as I would my own lawn. I'm going to have some door hangers made up and run an ad in my local paper and cross my fingers. Good Luck.
  5. daveintoledo

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    dont be too inexpensive, and start when the grass grows....:)

    youll know when to start..... get some books and start reading, check out the college web sites on turf managment////// luck....:)
  6. JJLandscapes

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    I dont do any large properties of that size but around here every single house has a fence to the backyard where nothing over a 32" would fit... So if you are only buying 1 mower keep that in mind and make sure you can use it on all your lawns
  7. hotpan

    hotpan LawnSite Member
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    Thank you for the help and tips all!
  8. nobagger

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    There is no shame in using a 21"er where it's called There is no shame in using one at all, it's just a time thing. You can get way more done with a 36" vs. a 21". We use one (21"er) on 3 of my lawns for years now. While I'm on the front using a 36" another guy is using one of our 21" in the back.
  9. Rhett

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    36 and a 21 will get you everywhere you need to go. After you pick up enough accounts and time becomes a factor it will be time to look for a bigger mower.
  10. hotpan

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    thanks again!

    hopefully one day ill be able to list all my equipment on the bottom of my posts too, lol, and you guys will know that the 36" and 21" mowers are from your advice :)

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