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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by MJB, Sep 10, 2001.

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    I'm in Wa St and it's very dry. I maintain a property that includes 40 acres of gravel driveways and just rocky soil. About 1/2 is gravel that has been sterolized before and look pretty good, but the other half is full of weeds. Since I need a complete kill of the existing weeds and I need to put down a sterolant. I would appreciate any advice, on prices per acre, plus the best product. I am licensed but have not got into sterolants before. I was considering Direx 4L. Has anyone else used this? Yes I have access to a fire hydrant for filling my spray tank.

    Also have access to a water truck if the rains don't come on time to wash in the sterolant. Thanks
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    Hello MJB

    A long residual herbicide that will last greater than 6 months sound like what you need. There are many out there. Some are prone to leaching (pramitol) others are somewhat better (hyvar) while others a pretty good a staying where you want them (sahara).
    Thing to consider are the pitch of the site & the fate of heavier rains that may move your herbicide off target. Especially considering the residual of these products is 1-2 years depending on product & rate.
    Also consider how trees may be affected. If mature tree roots have grown into the treated area, root absorbtion is a possibility.
    I work for LESCO, we sell Sahara in a 2lb jug for about $27.00. Cases are cheaper. We've sold all of the others but have dumped them for environmental, safety, & lack of demand reasons.
    Rates & costs vary widely as does performance. Soil types should be considered as well.
    If you are certain that no nontargeted plant roots will be affected, you may want to check out Basamid G. Basamid is a granular sterilent. We sell 50lb bags for about $185.00.
    For rate info take a look at the following site:

    Good luck!

    God Bless America
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    Thanks for the info. I am trying to decide between Sahara & Crovar. I've been told to mix Sahara and a Diron like Direx 4L. I'm not sure why, being Sahara already has a Diron in it. But that is what some are doing in this area. The other recomendation was to use 8 oz Crovar and 3 Oz Oust per acre. So I am comparing while I'm waiting on my spray rig to be completed.
    Trees are not really an issue on this property. They are surrounded by an acre of lawn, and are not close to the area I will be sterolizing. I would like to know how others price out a job like this ? I'm using a boom buster on most of it. Product looks like it will run around $120 - $130 per acre, depending on which option I go with. I was considering charging $180 per acre. Is this out of line for 40 acres?
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    Hey MJB

    Sahara contains 62.22% Diuron which is the sole active ingredient in Dipel 4L (or 40% active)
    Sahara also contains 7.78% Imazapyr ( active ingredient in Arsenal & Chopper)
    I can't see adding anything to Sahara except for a surfactant, which I'd add to any herbicide as cheap insurance.
    If there are a lot of existing weeds that have become well established, I'd also add a more conventional post-emergent to the mix.
    All the products you've mentioned have post-emergent activity, but all would benefit from the addition of 2,4-d or Roundup when encountering existing vegetation.
    Most applicators around here (metro NY) want $180-240 per acre as the minimum but only you know the speed with which you can treat 40 acres. Your overhead has a lot to do with it too. The chemical expense is fairly neglible unless corners are cut and retreatment is required.
    Let us know what you decide & how it works out.

    God Bless America
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    Rock salt for water softer cost $ 3.00 a bag.

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