need help! weeds in lawn BIG TIME!

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Field King, Apr 24, 2010.

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    I moved into a home last fall, to busy to mess with lawn with the move and all, this lawn is bluegrass and dandelion, crabgrass, I think creeping charlie? Lots of weeds, I am leasing and may not buy the home so I want to limit how much I spend to renovate lawn! Here is what I have done so far, I sprayed with weed b gone, I spread 12-12-12 to rejuvenate the dormant looking blugrass, the problem now is a lot of the weed/dandelions are dead but just laying dormant, I do not want to have to mow at 2" or less to cut them, will they rot away, been 10 days since weed spray?
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    you are on the right track. Apply crabgrass control anytime in April. The weeds will rot away. But in a month or so--the summer weeds will come up. Spray again. Spray again in October. 12-12-12 is not the best for grass. Try to find 28-0-4 or something similar. Try to find a type that has 30 percent of the nitrogen in slow-release form, 50 percent would be better. If you don't have irrigation feed during rainy periods. Better yet hire a small experienced professional company--they will have proper equipment, deeper knowledge and experience, and access to chemicals that you cannot get.

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