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Need Help with 4600

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We have a 2000 Hustler 4600 Range wing, We have been
having a problem with it for almost a month. On one of the
wings the hydro filter keeps blowing gaskets off of it. I does
not matter what it is doing mowing, not mowing ect. IT blows
off and fluid goes every where. We have tried different filters
and such but it still keeps happening, we brought it to the
dealer and they could not find anything wrong with it. Just the
gasket is blowing off, for a quick fix in the field we just unscrew
the filter and put the gasket back on and it will last another
three hours or sometimes the rest of the day. Any suggestions
Let me know. Thankyou in advance.
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You may have some sort of pressure relief valve on the unit, externally, from the hydorlic pump that is not relieving. Just a thought.

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