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Need help with a bid


LawnSite Member
Cleveland, Ohio
Hello everyone. Long time lurker, first time poster. I just need a quick bit of advice.

I was wondering how much you would charge for the following. It is a residential property. It is only the back yard (front is ivy/stone). The back yard enterance has an ungodly narrow gate. What it comes down to is I can only fit a 21" WB through it. The yard has virtually no landscaping, nor slopes. The cut area is a hair over 1/2 acre. Doing this with a 21" WB, how much would you estimate this at? I never use my 21" for yards this big, however there's no other option here. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.


LawnSite Member
I normally have a rate for the size of the yard. For this property, my normal rate would be $35-$45 since it appears it's flat with few obsticles.

But in this case I would have to explain to the customer that I couldn't get my commercial equipment back there so they would be given an hourly rate. Not cheap either. Forced to use a 21", I'd say $55/hr at minimum.