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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 2menandamower, Dec 9, 2005.

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    I have a customer that I went to last week and did the fall clean up and final mowing of the year. I was there the first weekend in November and she came out and told me that I would not need to come back until after thanksgiving to do the final mowing since the growth has all but stopped. She is one of my monthly customers that pays a flat fee 12 months. She gave me my check when I was there last week and it was for the regular monthly amount (no extra for the fall clean up). I sent her an email (this is the way that she prefers to be contacted) and told her that the fall clean up was not included in the monthly fee. I told her that I usually charge anywhere from 175.00 to 250.00 for her size yard and amount of leaves depending on whether she wanted them bagged and removed or mulched with the mower. I gave her a price of 125.00 (since she is a regular customer). She emailed me back and told me that she thought that the fee was unfair. She pointed out that there is a flower bed that I missed (I have not touched it all summer and she has never said a word about it til now), but I told her that i would be happy to come out this Saturday and take care of that flower bed and make sure she is 100% happy. I also informed her that I went over her yard 4 times in the front and 2 times in the back (less leaves in the back). Also I let her know that I worked in the cold, and I mean cold (41 degree cold ) rain for about and hour and a half. She told me to come out Saturday and take care of that flower bed and she would pay me. What should I do if she still don't want to pay all of it? I hate to loose her but she is being a pain over this. I am hoping that she was just in a bad mood. Let me know what I should do.

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    She said she would pay you right? Why are you worried about it? Do you think she is lieing? If she won't pay you all of it, I suppose you could threaten her with a shovel. Nah, just kiddin.

    Did you have a contract or a proposal in writing that explains the cost of the clean up? If so, she can't really argue. If you were not clear about how much the service was going to cost before you did the work than you put yourself in this possition. Not her fault. Try to work out the best deal you can with her. Always have the price in writing BEFORE you do the work.

    good luck,


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    Whack her with the shovel.:D
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    A little confused here! "She pointed out that there is a flower bed that I missed (I have not touched it all summer and she has never said a word about it til now), but I told her that i would be happy to come out this Saturday and take care of that flower bed " Was the flower bed included in your monthly, and you blatantly did not do all summer but charged her full price and now you are willing to do? Or is this another pita trying to pull one over on an LCO. Just Askin!!
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    In your 12 month contracts include your fall cleanups in the price. It's easier for you and the clients. In our 12 month I include the following:

    36 mows
    1 aeration
    fall cleanup
    pine straw 2X per year
    mulch 1X per year
    seasonal color 2x per year

    All this can be tailored to the customers needs. If they don't want aeration then I don't add it. At a miminum they get 36 mows and the fall cleanup. I just add everything up and divide by 12 and that's there price.

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    A good customer is yours give her up and your competition has took your income,make it right.
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    I think its easy to get wrapped up in making a sell and forget the small details. It sounds like you failed to explain your service to her. Thats not a bad thing...its just something you should grow on. Include all "scope of work" in your agreement.

    I go the extra mile explaining my contracts before a person signs. I want them to completely understand what they are getting for the money.

    I say make her happy and explain your service better from this point really makes it easier throughout the year. Hope it works out for ya:D
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    I am curious , did you quote her an aditional price for fall cleanup ? it sounds like she was surprised about it . i would take care of it and next time she wants anything extra done quote her a price and get her john hancock on it . problem solved .

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