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need help with a gravely pro 150


LawnSite Member
waynesboro va
just bought a used gravely walk behind pro 150 with 40 hours on it. the mower pulls fine in forward gears but when you try to back up you have to press the handles down to get the mower to move and it does not want to backup at all if its in a rut .This is my first walk behind i dont know nothin about em any help would be great
Unless I am mistaken, this is a belt drive walk behind?
If so, then your 'reverse' is just an assist - meaning it helps you move the machine, it is not meant to move it for you.
Also, with walk behinds, to ensure straight tracking, you have to check your tire pressure and keep it constant. Any deviation in tire pressure in any of the tires will result in the mower pulling off of a straight line.