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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by CrystalCreek, Oct 15, 2008.

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    Ok, I may be heading into a new area of employment while still hold landscaping as a side job. I am looking to keep a select few of my customers. I need some advice. I have a small group of customers. One of the customer's is a slob and PITA. Every week I have to pick up garbage (toys, BBQ leftovers, Diapers, Glass and other bottles) I also have to ask the customer to move their car every week so I can cut the backyard. Oh, and their usually pretty late on payment. Has anyone ever fired a customer while keeping the customer right next door? How would you handle this. I have already worked out in my mind the rest of the customer's, but this one is bothering me. I would just drop both of them, but the one I want to keep is a old lady and she is a great customer. I would feel bad for her just leaving her. Sorry for the long story but I need help.
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    If the old lady pays a lot keep her, if not drop them both. Before you do, find another lawn company in the area and give them both accounts. Explain to the old lady that you are moving out of the area. And yes, I have quit accounts that were next to each other. Some times in anger and some times in stupidity.
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    Drop the PITA and keep the old lady if you are making $ with her. I have done it before, they were across the street from each other in a naborhood.1 all ways paid late, 1 all ways paid on time. late i mean 30 days late so i dropped her and told her why.don't put up with b/s from customers if there is a problem tell them and if they don't fix it drop them and move on.
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    Raise the price on the PITA to make it worth your while if they stay on. No biggy if they drop themselves.

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