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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by agrostis palustris, Jul 11, 2002.

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    I need to give a price to somebody for re-doing the lawn. I know what most of my costs are and just need help with figuring it out.

    The area to be worked is about 15,000 sq feet which is HEAVILY compacted and packed full of small rocks. I will have access to the owner's new 20,000 lb excavator and 6x6 offroad vehicle which has a dump box on the back.

    My costs will be the glyphosate which is either $12.50 per 5 gal mix pouch or $67 for 83 gal mix pouch
    Hauling in some organic matter from other job sites which will be about $400 or so.
    9,000 lbs of this soil conditioner stuff which will cost $1,500.00 plus tax
    Salt hay at $12.50 per bale
    Endophyte enhanced perennial ryegrass at $110.00 per 50 lb bag
    450 lbs of elemental sulfur for $135.00
    Labor which costs $100 per guy per day.
    500 lbs of Roots at about $15 per 50 lb bag

    Any other numbers you need just let me know. The guy wants the job done right and doesn't really care what it costs so long as I am not ripping him off. If I do the job right... it is worth its weight in gold.
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    What do you plan to do with the excavator and 6x6? Sounds like great recreation but doesn't figure to help much with the lawn:rolleyes: Could be a hell of a way to tear out the old grass though. Your cost on the rye grass seems really high. 15K of glypho should run you about $4o + time to spray, call it $200. Lawn renovate, $750. Planting and fertilizing, around $600. Charge for loads of rock and garbage out. What the heck is "salt hay" Charge extra for the soil conditioner, whatever that may be. You don't say if its a granular amendment or something more on the order of peat. Also, extra for th e sulfur. Just ballparks, without seeing it.
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    The excavator shall be used to tear up the old lawn down to 1' in depth. 6x6 shall be used for moving rocks out of the work area as it has the dump body. That is the price I got on the rye from Shemins. 25 lbs of the rye is $55 and 50 lbs is $110.00. All the rock can stay, just re-locate it in the woods. The soil conditioner is a granular product which comes in 50 lb bags. I am getting 5 pallets of it 40 bags a pallet. Salt hay is a product which contains no weed seeds that will germinate in this setting. The soil conditioner will be applied to a depth of about 3 - 4 inches and then thoroughly tilled into the soil. The sulfur also has to be tilled into the soil.

    The way I figure it is... I spray all the weeds with the Glyphosate. Break up the compaction with the excavator. Start tilling up the broken soil. Have 4 or 5 guys there raking out the rocks, load them into the dump body of the 6x6 and dump em in the woods. Till a few times and then spread out the soil conditioner as well as the sulfur. Get that out and till that in a few times. Then do the whole seeding bit.
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    I gave the bid today for $7,500.00 and I will check back with the guy this weekend or next week or something. Any thoughts on the numbers? My materials came to $2,600 and the labor came to about $1,400

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