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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by The Cutting Edge, Apr 11, 2007.

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    I need help on giving an estimate on this property. I have never really done HIGH END properties like this before. The owners wants me to mow, trim, blow, and minor debris pick-up every week so I got a signed contract for that per month. Now the owners wants me to remove existing mulch, then re-mulch, major weed control and bed edging need to be done. All hedges need to be pruned or trimmed. I have posted pictures of the property to give you guys some kind of reference, note that there is a severe grade in the back yard that will be very difficult to muscle up about 8 cubic yards of mulch being removed from the beds in the rear of the house that will have to be done buy wheel barrel as well as going down the grade to put 8 yards back in it. I figured that in all there is about 19 cubic yards total with all the mulching. So there will be about 19 cubic yards of mulch removal as well maybe a little more with all the weeds and debris. There is already about 160,000 dollars done in landscaping already and the owner doesn't't care how much the cost is and said not to cut no corners. There is also about 60 shrubs ranging from 2-5 ft in diameter that need to be hedge trimmed or pruned. I would appreciate your guys time in checking out the pictures and giving me any help on what you total estimate would be. At the bottom is all the links to the pictures taken of the property, theres about twenty. Thanks in advance The Cutting Edge Landscaping and Lawn care.
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    I like the finger over the lens..... Ok you will probably not need to remove the mulch as it will break down and act as a nutrient source for the plants. They are small plants so 5-10 dollars per bush. Your looking at cost per bag for cypress mulch is approximately $2.00 cost so $4.00 per 2 cubic feet. So....4x13.5x19= $1026. Or you can bring in the 19 yds by dump truck. One load would be probably $19 per yard and a $100 delivary fee. Either way you are looking at about a day for 2 people to move and spread the mulch. This is all approximate so I hope this is some help.
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    I dont think it is his finger. I think it is the shutter on his lens. My shutter has a problem opening fully. Just have to tap it sometimes.
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    Why remove the old mulch? Is there a fungus on it, does he just want a didfferent type of mulch? You wont remove nearly as much mulch as what you'll put back down thats for sure. I'd agree with 5-10$ a bush for trimming. I'd like to give you more advice but even though you took a thorough amount of pictures they are pretty low quality and I can't see chet mang!

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