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    i need to bid a department store for mowing to get the sweeping to i do mow and mulch but nothing like this. 560' x 35' steep incline 400' x 60' x 2 steep incline 360' x 50' x 2 but this one seems like you can cut it on a zero turn the other ones are way to harry to ride on so i would have to use a walk behind i think and hold on for the ride i was not expecting nothing like this so i had no camera with me when i was there and any satellite photos don't show the property as it is now there are about 30 pines on top of the hills it's about 20 feet wide on the tops of the x2 hills. there is more mowing but mostly flat 510 x 440 525 x35 455 x 110. any help here would be great i would pass but i need the sweeping so i have to go after it.
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    Where are you at in Wny?

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    orchard park

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