Need help with bidding in the North Jersey Area

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TLS landscaping, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. TLS landscaping

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    Hey guys..

    to keep this short, i have a over 10 yrs experience as a manager of a company and last year i decided to start my own company. Right now i have very low overhead with all new equipment bought and paid for from last years income..

    What i need help with (from people in the north east) is bidding.. I know ive seen threads going on and on about bidding, and people have all kinds of pricing
    but are from all over the US.

    I just looking for some input on what people are bidding on per acre?

    I'm looking at a property about 40 acres and another at 70 acres that needs to be maintained for the season.
    And have no clue where i should be bidding..

    my machines would be a 52 and 60" exmark 2011 and 2012 . . . with a 3 man crew.

    so if you guys can help that would be great.. i'm thinking of biddint 1800 a week for the 40 acre and 2700 a week for the 70 acre..

    would you say i'm in the ballpark or too high/low..
  2. green jeans 509

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    I know your asking for eastern thoughts on this but I have been asking and saying the same thing and all my research and my own thinking brought me to this: I used to think I had no overhead because I bought all my stuff while I was making alot more money then I do now FACT CHECK: I should've known better even though I did own my stuff and wasn't making any monthly payments for equip. I should've been charging as though I did, it needs to be replaced at some point and you dont want even a dollar coming out of your own pocket to buy new euipment. My goal this year is for my business to make me money, not me make my business money. What I mean is I make money and my business does but the money I make I keep and the money the business makes it keeps. As far as prices they must be different and i'm sure your equip is alot faster then mine, in Wa state on the eastern side about 100 per acre to mow more then that if your trimming. Your new so don't make the same mistake I did and think just cause I owned stuff I could be cheaper without this lawnsite and biz counseling classes I would've put myself out of business with my thinking. Good Luck
  3. TLS landscaping

    TLS landscaping LawnSite Member
    from NJ
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    I appreciate your info.. and i will be adding a profit for the company to replace my equipment..

    when i mean no overhead.. i meant by like having to pay for equipment.. i do
    account for gas, insurance, workmans comp. liablity, repairs, time wasted..

    so yeah thats overhead.. but i dont have land to rent or equipement financing.


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