need help with buffalo grass

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LarryMead, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. LarryMead

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    i have a new client that just sodded with buff grass ineed suggestions for weed control and recomended mowing hgt iam getting conflicting info from dist.
  2. ed2hess

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    This is a real problem grass in our area...You might look to see if Weed-B-Gon at Home Depot can be used on it. I know it is sensitive so you might have to be careful. This is a good grass to put pre-M on it a few times a year. People get this grass because they read that it needs less water and less mowing.
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    Miserable. Absolutely miserable. Looks good and grows fast in spring, but after that, it looks like, well, a prairie grass.

    Doesn't respond much to nitrogen feedings, and just the slightest bit of over fertilizing allows common bermuda to invade. Any 2,4D product for weeds will kill the grass in this heat. It'll recover from an MSMA application . . . after a few months.

    Fertilizer? The best results I've had are with Milorganite (or equivalent). Also had great results using a Biosolids/Methylene Urea blend with SOP 72% Slow Release. A "green grade" fertilizer. . . more big $ on a lousy turf.

    It can tolerate Image for weed kills, and Drive75 works great for crabgrass and some broadleafs (again gotta spend big $ to kill a lousy dandelion in that crummy excuse for a lawn).

    Mowing height? I've tried them all. Short in early spring, then just mow it once in while in the summer.

    Disease resistance? Yeah sure, that's what they say. Saw a few Buffalo lawns get take all patch last year. Low water requirements? Yes, it recovers from a drought - if it doesn't get the take-all patch in the meantime! Despite what they say, it needs about an inch of water per week to even resemble something of a lawn.

    Premergents are necessary. I don't think Pendi is labellled for Buffalo, but the Lesco 0-0-7 does OK at keeping the weeds out and keeping some root strength. Barricade works fine as a pre-m also, but again, more dollars to use on a lousy lawn.

    Well suited for large acreage that can be ignored for long periods - such as all summer. Let it grow to 6-8". Cut it when you feel like it - or if you have guests, and are too embarassed to let them see you have a buffalo grass lawn.
  4. ed2hess

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    Well said!! Any experience with tur-a-low(not sure of spelling) that is being advertised in our area? Starts off of plugs grows slow need little water??

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