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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Rob8202, Jun 19, 2003.

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    I am new to the site. I came across it while I was doing research on starting up a landscaping and lawn care business.

    Let me tell you about myself,

    My name is Rob, I am twenty years old, a very proud deaf man. I have twelve years of experience in lawn care and landscaping. I live in Richmond, BC in Canada.

    My goal is to service about 40 clients on a annual contract, so this way I will be able to keep getting paid for 12 months. But, I don't want to get paid for doing so little during winter so I am trying to figure out what services I can offer for them in winter time. These are my ideas,

    Gutter cleaning
    Lawn spot repairs from damages by leaf piles
    Pressure washing
    Tree Trimming on the ground and a ladder.

    So, please tell me what you guys think and any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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    Annualizing contracts doesn't require doing something in the winter.

    If you have 9 months of lawn service that would total $1,800 you simply draft the contract for payments of $150/mo. Many people like it. For you it evens cash inflow but it obviously doesn't match with your expenses. I would be more prudent from a start-up stand point to get paid for all work performed and 'set aside' the $50/ month into a winter account.

    Since not every customer will want to annualize payments you will end up with some annual payments and some seasonal. That's not too bad either.

    As for winter income for lawn accounts and others??

    Holiday lights. Starts mid November (hang them early and they're ready for T-daY) BUT of course Canada doesn't do Thanksgiving right? Are Christmas lights even that popular in your area?

    How about firewood? Deliver and chop for your clients plus any others.

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