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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by firedog2710, Nov 8, 2003.

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    i already did a search within this topic and i couldn't find anything to help. as some of you already know and may have gathered from my username, i'm a full-time firefighter. i need a name for my new venture and i thought i'd use that as a hook to get people interested. my wife and i thought of "OFF-DUTY LAWN CARE". i announced it to the boys at the firehouse and i was informed that another firefighter, who retired about 6 yrs. ago, used that as his business name. they also told me that he merged with another lawn care business a few years ago and took it's name. i've looked in all the phone books around here and even called information and that particular lawn business name is not listed anywhere. i will contact him, but i haven't found anyone that has his number yet. i will continue to try. in the event that he doesn't want me using that name, i need a backup. please help.:cry:
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    I am not sure if things are the same way where you are or not. Here, you have to register a D.B.A. ( Doing Business As ) with the county. When you go there, they have all the registered business names in a book. You can look through it to see if your name is taken. Our registrations last for 5 years. Even if the person that registered the name isn't using it, they won't let you have it until it expires. You can sometimes sneak one by if you change something a bit. Like with us. We are Metro Detroit Lanscaping as well as Metro Lawn Service. There are also Metro Lawn Maintenance, Metro Lawn Spray, and Metro Landscaping registered in our county. Seems if you change the wording a bit, they will take it. If your name is taken, you can try this as well. Off-Duty Lawn Maintenance or Off-Duty Grounds Maintenance ect.
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    You may want to rethink your name. It sounds like your lawn business is something you just do in your spare time. To me it just doesn't sound very proffessional. That's just me though.
  4. firedog2710

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    i think i may have found a solution to my problem and once again my wife came to the rescue. i'm going to call it "SCOTT'S OFF DUTY LAWN CARE". my middle name is scott and that's what everyone calls me, so that's what i'm going with. in missouri you have to register a business name using other than your own name as a fictitous name and i found out that they don't do a name search. you're left up to luck here.
    let it grow: because i am a firefighter in my full time job, i am doing this in my spare time, but that also means i don't have to do it. i chose to do it because i enjoy mowing grass and working outside, therefore, my work will speak for itself. the money i've put into it, i already had, so i have no need to hurry and take as many lawns as i can to pay off any loans. i'm actually in a very good position as i see it. hopefully, i will make a little money.
    thank you both for your help.:D
  5. Let it Grow

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    I wouldn't have my personal name in my business me it sounds unproffessional. But that's just me. One of the biggest lco's in my area is named "Bob's Yard Care".

    I was actually going to ask you a few questions about how you will juggle both jobs. I have thought about getting into firefighting. (Maybe part time as my landscaping business keeps me quite busy.) I also thought of maybe doing firefighting in the winter time. Any advice, suggestions, ideas?

    If your business name works for you then go with it. I'm real picky when it comes to this kind of thing...I'm not trying to discourage you, I'm just giving my opinion.
  6. firedog2710

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    don't take anything i said the wrong way, i DO appreciate any constructive criticism or advice. is there any other reason why (besides the unprofessional aspect) you wouldn't use your own name? juggling both jobs is easy. as a firefighter i work 24 hour shifts, but only nine days a month. a rotation goes like this: day on-day off-day on-day off-day on-four days off then it starts all over again. as you can see, this leaves me plenty of time for a part-time job or to mow lawns. there aren't many part-time firefighters that i know about anywhere in the country except the volunteer, but as the term states they don't get paid, but most volunteer departments that have full-time staff do hire new firefighters out of the volunteer pool. where i used to volunteer, we would get paid $5 per call once we responded which ended up being about $200-$300 paid out twice a year. if the whole name thing doesn't work out, i'll just change it. :drinkup:
  7. Let it Grow

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    Thanks for the firefighting info!

    When I hear names like Bob's Yard Care, Joe's Lawn Service, Bill's Landscaping, etc. I think of rusted out pickup trucks pulling homemade trailers, with homeowner grade lawnmowers on it. If I were a customer, I would not expect much out of these businesses.

    Then you have names like Wildwood Landscapes, Clean Cut Lawn Care (My beloved name!!!), Green Valley Nursery, American Lawn & Landscape.

    If I were a potential customer I would call any one of the names on my second list before I would call one on my first list. First impressions are VERY important in business, and in this business you need any edge you can get. That is why I would be very careful with what I name my business.

    There are plenty of names out there, just be creative!
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    firedog what area of STl are you in, I'm in Creve Coeur,Yes there was an OFF-duty lawn care here I always thought the name was weird(off-duty means not working ,so not really cutting lawns?)sounds a bit unreliable. No offense just my thoughts on the name not your or anyone else's work ethic.
  9. firedog2710

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    i live in fenton. right now i'm toying with idea of putting my first name in it somewhere and leaving the firefighter aspect out of it. my salesman asked me about a name and i told him about my idea for "off-duty". he thought it was a great idea and told me the guy who used it a long time ago had a booming business.
  10. Nw. Shadesofgreen

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    Just an idea to go along with the Fireman theme.
    I know that fireman have a great schedule to work that gives them alot of time to do work when they are off there regular job.
    I would suppose that this will just be a job that will be done in your off days and not a full time ?quit the fireman gig.

    How about something like

    On the spot lawncare.

    Maybe you could us a dalmation in your logo somewhere.

    Good luck to you.
    NW. Shades of Green

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