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Need help with Business plan


LawnSite Member
I am looking for any help I can get with suggestions or samples of business plans for a Landscape business. or any place to look for help with finding good examples. I have a meeting with the SBA in a couple of weeks and want everything to look its best. Thanks for your help in advance.:usflag:


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Ontario, Canada
First off, it will take way more than "a couple of weeks" if you want to get it very nice and neat.

And try business-in-a-box, its a software, you can get a trail version, they have a nice sample of a general business plan.


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Zone 6
Just google it, there are some nice versions put out by universities and such that you can use as a guideline. You will have to do a lot of work to make it fit your company and needs, but the guideline is definitely out there. A business plan is too personal to your business specifically to just cut and paste your name here there. I good one will never fully be done.