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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Reel_Green, Mar 12, 2004.

  1. Reel_Green

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    I'm in the Nashville, TN area and I’d like to start putting together a plan for fertilizer application, pre-m crabgrass, post-m broadleaf and growth regulator. Most of the lawns that I service are 1 of 4 different types (Bermuda, zoysia, fescue and St. Augustine). I'll obviously start out with a soil test but would you mind helping me fill in the gaps of what I’m planning to do?

    1) pre-m for crabgrass - Chemical: granular Dimension with fertilizer, When: Mid-March
    2) post-m for broadleaf – Chemical: ????, When: ????
    3) growth regulator – Chemical: PrimoMaxx, When: ???? (would it be acceptable to use a small 15 gallon towable (Fimco LG-1500) sprayer for this application?) I’m on a limited budget and this is all that I have at this time.
    4) pre-m for crabgrass (2nd app approx 8 weeks after 1st app) – Chemical: granular Dimension with Fertilizer When: Early May

    Any suggestions for the areas I left blank (?)?
    Would you consider adding anything that I left out?

  2. Reel_Green

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    One questions I forgot to ask:

    Would you recommend that I add a pre-m broadleaf application (granular) at the same time I apply my pre-m crabgrass (Dimension) in mid-March? Is so, which chemical do you recommend? Thanks.
  3. Reel_Green

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    C'mon fellas,

    Help a guy out. What are your suggestions on my plan? Thanks
  4. Tscape

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    Are you licensed to apply pesticides?
  5. Hamons

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    One of the reason you have not got very much response is we need mor einformation to help.

    For each step tell us

    Date --- fertilier npk -- amount applied per thousand --- herbicide usage.

    Also you said you are dealing with both warm and cool season grasses. You will need a seperate plan for both.

    Primo Maxx is a great product. No expereince with towable sprayer, but if you can accurately and precisly apply the product at labeled rates it should do fine.

    There is alot ot learn when it comes to fertilizer and pest control. You'll do well if you are willing to learn.
  6. Reel_Green

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    "Are you licensed to apply pesticides?"

    I take my test in early April.
  7. As jeff stated, we need more info, since you haven't filled in the blanks, guess you don't need our help!
  8. Reel_Green

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    I don't know the answers. That's why I left the blanks "blank".

    The original intention of my post was to solicit suggestions about what I needed to do. I thought that by providing my location (Nashville, TN) it would provide the veterans of this site to make some suggestions.

    Thanks for any help you can offer.
  9. Fvstringpicker

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    Post M for broadleaf on bermuda/zoyzia = Trimec/lesco 3way amine.

    Post M for St augustine =Speedzone (St Augustine formula)/Lontrel

    Post M for Fescue= ?
  10. vegomatic40

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    You may have problems getting a precise rate down with the tow behind. Boom sprayers also have limitations on agitation and manuvuerability. Start with the rate/acre and rate/1000 sq ft that you are able to apply to determine if you will be able to put down the right rates. Since you won't be able to fill your tank on the properties you must take this into account. Nashville area lawns are also pretty large (average 18000 sq ft) with some of them being outright monsters. They can have extreme slopes as well. Are you able to get a little tow behind in the tight spots? If you need a "nurse tank" to re-fill your tank, you might consider scrapping the tow behind and do all hand apps as the investment of a seperate tank may be considerable.
    As far as the program, I can only say if you are on the right track with split apps of a pre-emergent and post-broadleaf options are numerous. St. Augustine? Unlikely.. I have treated lawns in the Nashville area for almost twenty years and have seen 1, 2000 sq ft patch on a protected south facing lawn on a lake and no where else. Much too far north for St. Augustine to do well. I treated lawns in Texas as well so ID is not the problem, is it yours??

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