Need help with Church and Graveyard bid

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by budrock, Aug 24, 2004.

  1. budrock

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    I've been asked to submit a bid on the grounds maintenance for a church and would like someone to look at my numbers and tell me what you think. I have 1 acre of wide open cutting, a 3.5 acre graveyard with 75% of the stones in a straight line allowing 2 passes with my 62" toro. The other 25% will require some manuvering but I can still use the toro. There are 546 stones combined that will need string trimming around along with 30 minutes of trimming around the buildings. 30 minutes blowing off hard surfaces. Travel time is 1 hr round trip. The average weekly income for the church is approx. $5000. I'm thinking around $315 per cut. What do you guys think? Thanks for your time and have a great day!
  2. jug head

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    I mow a small graveyard, Be sure of when you can mow and can,t. I'm not allowed in on the weekends and have to shut off all machines during funerals. (I would out of respect anyway) but it's no fun to be almost finished and have to stop for an hour when you may only have 30 mins left. I try to call the gate keeper before I make the trip and see whats going on. Also watch for wire. The stuff the wreaths are made of seems to grow out of the ground--and will mess up your blades in no time. I will pm you if as I think of more.
  3. fastcutter

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    Did u add on blowing the Head stones off?
  4. tiedeman

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    never would have thought about that jug head...of calling ahead of time. Smart idea!
  5. budrock

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    Great info guys!! Thanks! Keep it coming!
  6. promower

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    546 headstones is 546 to many:D That number seems kind of low I think I would shoot for $450. Sounds like a lot of trimming. I wouldnt do it the morning when the grass is dewy, take the whole day blowing wet grass off those headstones.
  7. LwnmwrMan22

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    I used to mow a cemetary, never once blew the headstones off.

    If it's in the bid, specifically, I'd bid higher, but you might want to ask. Usually the wind or some rain will wash them off.

    If the grass is dry, it won't even matter.
  8. steve122

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    We avg. 3/4 acre of cemetery per man hour. That is mowing and timming of the 3/4 acre. Never have had to blow off stones, if clippings pile up an extra pass with weedeater as a fan will clear it off. Check on policy with flowers. One cemetery says absolutely can't touch flowers or people will be all over you, other one says if they are in way or getting old and ugly, throw them out. Don't know which is worse, working around all of them or taking time to pick up and throw in trash. You might want ot survey the stones and record any with existing damage (digital photo), and let the owner know about them beforehand. We got dunned for repairing several stones for about $300 when we were accused of damaging them. Pretty sure we didn't but had no proof. Any brass plaques flat on the ground? We have found them to be worse than the headstones. Clippings build up on them, stolens and runners want ot grow out over them, takes more to weedeat and clean off than the stones.

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