Need help with day rate for skid steer service


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What do most charge per hour to operate there skid steer on site. The job is simply moving piles all day and thats it no construction just moving piles from one portion of the property to another these are large piles the customer asked for my day rate. I have a 1991 Thomas skid steer that is paid off so granted i dont have payments to make every month what does everyone factor into the cost. I was figuring 60-70 an hour putting my 8 hour day rate at $480 - $560 any help would be appreciated.

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As AWJ Services said if you think that is enough profit for you and your company than go for it. Everyone, company, and market is different. I personally never charge per hour other then for snow removal. I hate the per hour thing cause how can the average customer compare say a 232B at $60 dollars an hour for snow with a standard 72in. bucket to my price of $80 an hour with a 96in. snow bucket and two speed machine? Most of them dont realize I will get close to twice as much per hour done for only $20 an hour more. That is why I try to never bid a job by the hour other then snow I have not figured out a way to get around it for snow for the most part, other then a few monthly contracts.


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This is different than moving snow but I have had a few jobs for $800 to $900 a day loading dumpsters with the grapple bucket or moving downed trees in a pasture using just me the old trusty Stihl chain saw and a grapple bucket on the CAT.

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