Need help with estimate for 2 gas stations ASAP

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Tha5150, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. maxkicker

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    and im sure we'll here him crying when he gets underbid by someone that didn't know better

    on that note.
    good luck with your bid but you really should know and understand your operating cost. im sure you will come in under our prices if you work by yourself

    to bid this job just take your actual operating cost by the amount of hours you plan for this to take (keep in mind trash) tac on what you would like to pay yourself (AT LEAST $20 per hour rock bottom!!!)

    add 25% to that if your hungry for work and kept the bid tight
    and you should be ok

    if your just getting started you could always raise the price later or just walk away it's not the end of the world

    good luck!
  2. Tha5150

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    Thanks, Maxkicker!
  3. mowZ06

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    I understand what you say and agree to a certain point. I guess I'm just to dam nice. Hey we all have to start somewhere and learn. I know I had no help to start out and wish I did.
  4. maxkicker

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    i almost forgot. if your not insured DO NOT bid this job
    even if your carefull and dont ever throw a rock
    hell even if you mowed without blades on the tractor
    atleast once a month you will get a call from someone claiming you hit there car
  5. Tha5150

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    my problem is that this is a side job for me until it takes off. i work 40+ hours a week in a different town, salary, different job completely. so it is harder for me to get work unless i drive by somewhere on the weekends when i am working or on my way home during the week. i only have 7 accounts right now, slowly building.

    so "knowing my costs" is hard for me to figure out. a business plan has not been made, again, with not doing this full time, it is hard to figure out for me.
  6. Tha5150

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    I got insurance before day 1 on first account. good call though, thanks for the tip.
  7. B-2 Lawncare

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  8. maxkicker

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    not to give you a hard time but without knowing your operating cost
    you are wasting your time

    truck payment X amount of time used as side work probally 1/4
    regular maint truck,trailer,equip
    fuel x miles traveled for side jobs
    insuranced (1/4)

    now figure out the amount of hours you would be willing to do side work and
    divide by the number above weekly??
  9. Tha5150

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    some things i have tried to work with are

    wifes SUV payment is 300 per month and use that for towing the 4 days per month
    SUV payment - $40 per month
    gas for tow vehicle ($3-15 per saturday)
    gas for mower/edger, etc ($2-10 per saturday)
    trimmer line($1-2 per saturday)
    insurance ($400 per year)-($8.33 per saturday)
    currently i have only 1 weekly account, 6 bi weekly. this is the "per saturday"

    generally speaking i see about $14.33-$33.33 every other week.
    maybe 10-12 hours per month working time including driving

    im missing something.
  10. MOturkey

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    I'm not into commercial that much, the bulk of my properties are residential. The one thing you need to realize about commercial properties is, for the most part, there is no loyalty, it is strictly business unless you have some kind of relationship with the owner/manager, which means they will go with the lowest bid, and, more than likely, ask for bids again next year, in which case, if someone bids $5 less than you, they will get the job.

    I'm not trying to discourage you from bidding, just be aware that the owner probably is looking for the absolute cheapest job. From my limited experience, at least in this area, unless it is high-end commercial (professional offices, healthcare facilities, banks, etc) the going rates are actually less than comparable residential properties. This makes no sense, until you remember that probably every mower guy that pulls into those stations to fuel, has asked about the possibility of mowing. Few residentials ever have anyone actually knock on the door and ask for their business. Good luck.

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