Need Help With Estimate, Please

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by cfrymow, Jul 16, 2008.

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    One way to figure it out would be to break the area into smaller sections, like the size of properties you do. Then figure time to mow, trim, etc.
    Now I would add some time to it because of a lot of rainfall, or spring or fall growth. Then you can come up with atotal price. JUST DO NOT UNDER BID YOURSELF.
    It has been done many times and it is a b****........:walking:
  3. subs1000w

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    ive never done a property like this before so im in the same boat you are but i would guess its about the same as 30 1/4acre lots so i would think between 800-1200 but thats a somwhat uneducated guess
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    yea, i would like the other guy said, try to break it down. Also, assess the type of grass it is too, i mean some grass grows a LOT more/quicker then others, and might take more time to cut then it appears. For example, if this is a place that grows fast, and thick. And they like it cut short, and not all clumpy any crappy lookin. Well you might need to double cut areas. So you'd need to factor that in. Now from overhead it looks like thatd only be a problem in the larger areas...Those small driveway areas are cupcake to cut, will prolly be super quick each. I know u said a lot of trimming, but places like these often hide a lot of lil areas that need to be whipped, so make sure u walk it well and try to pick out "slower" areas so u get your overall time right.

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