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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by MSLandscaping, May 31, 2007.

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    Hello all , I need some help with an estimate. Here is the job.

    Plant 6-8 6ft. arborvitaes between edge of fence and stone wall within property line of neighbor

    · Edge approx 1 foot out from deck and plant assorted flowers, etc. (`24-28 feet total)

    · Clear section by tree in backyard of small brush, edge a boarder, mulch and plant assorted plants, etc. (8x8 foot section)

    · Edge along inside of fence approx 1-1.5 feet out from fence, plant smaller arborvitaes and assorted plants, mulch (`30-35 feet).

    Thanks in advance,
  2. Focal Point Landscapes

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    You probably won't get a lot of responses because it is virtually impossible to answer the question without knowing more specifics - what are the plant and material costs , what type of equipment will you use , how many people working on the job , and the recurring what are your company's cost of doing business question . There is a lot of generic info on the site on how to price jobs , but it all goes back to your cost structure - you have to start there and then you can determine what you need to charge per hour to make a profit.
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    Now you need to be careful on where you plant arboritaes, if you plant them against a wall or fence then that side of the plant will die out. Now in your question, you said that they are going between and edge of a fence and a stone wall, Will they have room to grow? I think you need to look at the job again and see if the bed lines that you say on here will look good. Where I live people like to have nice beds that are well planted. A 1 foot wide bed is really small and wont allow that much room for growth.

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