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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by goinggreen123, Oct 21, 2012.

  1. goinggreen123

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    Hey guys I could use some help with my facebook page. was wondering if you can like it for me please and was also wondering how you guys add friends from your area I know its illegal to just send random people friend requests. And also what are some helpful hints to adding customers with my facebook? Thanks any help is appreciated.
  2. Ben Bowen

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    Of all the social networks I find facebook the most difficult! For some reason, when I go to your page, I can't find a way to like/follow you... Is it just me?
  3. tonygreek

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    There are quite a few that use FB on here, so hopefully they'll weigh in with their experiences and tips.

    The first thing I would point out is that you should create a business page, not a personal page, as you currently have it set up. As it is, people can't just Like your page or follow it without going through a friend request. This is actually a huge, dissuading hurdle for a potential or current customer to go through.

    I would also recommend refining your cover image as it further adds to the notion that it's just a regular John Q. Public account and not a business.

    With your photo albums, add some context as to what we're looking at. Some just look like any other picture, while the reality is that there is probably something we should be paying particular attention to.

    Off the top of my head, take a look on FB for "Ocala Lawns", "Kirk's Lawn Care", and "Ring Lawn Care" to see how they utilize their pages. All are active members on here and all have a business Page.

    If you search this sub-forum for Facebook, you'll find quite a few ideas and advice.
  4. greg8872

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    As mentioned, you should create it as a company, not as a person as you have now.

    I almost never "friend" a business when it is set up as a person because then by default that business can see all of my goings on. If I like a business page, they can see I like them, but do not have access to my messages/photos.

    As a business page, you will have access to more stats on how people are seeing your name out there (not just the people who like you, but when people see that their friends are interacting with you).

    There are services out there to "buy likes", I recommend against this. You never know when FB may start detecting these accounts for doing this, and may penalize you for it.

    Keep in mind when you have your page, there is a fine balance for how much to post. To much, people will set it to hide your updates, too few, people forget about you. For best results, try to do things that engage your audience. The more they post/like things you did the more their friends will see you as well.

    I have one client, I'm trying to get them to understand it better... He will post a message like "back to school lunch specials this weekend". then on monday go into facebook and completely delete out the message...

    An example of a company engaging their audience, check out notice just about everything they post, they ask their audience about it. (granted they have a way larger audience, but you get the idea)

  5. goinggreen123

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    wow allot of great advice thank you guys.
  6. goinggreen123

    goinggreen123 LawnSite Member
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  7. ringahding

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    FB, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn(I call them the Big 4)are places you want your business. I am not going to break down how beneficial these 4 are when properly channelled. But will tell you that all of them are like your business website(yes you should build a company website), it needs YOU to point people there.

    Greg hit it right on the mark, you need to be a part of the conversation, like you are doing here. You left a link to your FB page(good), but you did it in a SPAMMY way and you do not even know you did.

    In other words you are literally asking people here to "Like" your page & asking for help at the same time. It is not so much confusing as it is, I really do not want to like your page now. Mostly because you asked it in this manner.(No offense...believe it or not)

    It really takes time to know how & when to post something.

    Here is one tip: Tony Hit This One....All 5(including business website)....Love PHOTOS of your work.

    Not to mention the search engines, they too love PHOTOS!

    Here is another: Pay attention to how others post at those Big 4 sites, and you will be one step closer to getting more likes, tweets, circles & connections.
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  8. ptjackson

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    Ring said a lot of really good things. If you think you're just going to throw up a facebook page or a twitter account and people are going to start calling, you're mistaken. Becoming active and engaging people is what it takes. and it takes a fair amount of work. Like anything you'll get out what you put in.

    I see so many people open twitter accounts with some automated message that tweets something out 4X a day never interacting. Sorry that's not going to work. Follow the advice of Ring and Tony and you'll go somewhere but like all good things it will take time.

    I wrote an article a while back on my blog
  9. destinlawn

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    What is the point of having everyone here like or friend your Facebook page? From a marketing point, NONE! (Don't take this harsh I go in to detail below)

    When you do set up a "fan" page where people can like you we can all "like" your business page. This doesn't really help you from a marketing stand point, but when local customers see you have 100+ "likes" they are more likely to like your page as well. Because you have these likes from this forum this will help you develop new customers.

    No one will "like" a page if there are only a few likes. It's human nature, everyone will jump on the bandwagon if you have a ton of likes. How do you develop more fans for your fan page? By sharing relevant content that people will "like", this will show up in other peoples newsfeeds. This is creating great and FREE marketing. Keep it your business stand point and don't get personal on your fan page!
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    If you guys could also like my page I would appreciate it!!/profile.php?id=122347467917029&__user=100004506880943

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