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Need Help with Field Reps


LawnSite Member
North Carolina
I'm new to Lawn Site and have to say that this place is loaded with info. My background is in Grading and Septic work but several years back we got more into Landscape type projects. Then we had a chance to bid some drip flow irrigation jobs for septic systems and this got me looking into regular irrigation work, so the last several weeks I have been trying to get in touch with a field rep with one of the major companies. (Toro, Rain Bird, Hunter etc.) with no return call. I have been sent to every Ext. # and voice mail you can think of. I'm wanting (or I think I want)to sit down and go over the ins and outs of irrigation and get it straight in my head, like I said before I have an understanding of irrigation from dealing with the drip flow systems. But I would like to know that if I bid jobs in the future that I'm on track and up to date(as far as pricing goes to) and have someone that can be there if there are problems. The locals in my area that do irrigation are not really willing to share to much info. they like to see you do it the hard way, which I can understand to a point. I'm kind of concerned about layout, pipe sizing, how many zones etc etc. Because with drip flow irrigation its really designed by an Enviromental Engineer so that didn't really give me a lot of info. into this side of the project. So if anyone can help with names, contacts, types of equipment etc. it would be a big help. Sorry for the long winded post but was wanting to explain where I was at and where I want to go. Thanks again