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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by jkelton, Sep 9, 2002.

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    Ok, this may be an odd question, but I know someone out there has the answer to this. I am going to be adding as an additional service to my mulch blowing business, which will be the ability to add any type of granular substance to the mulch while I am blowing it in. The first product I would like to offer is a slow release fertilizer. This is the question I have: I would like to add in a cheap "filler" material (preferably lower density than fertilizer) to the fertilizer in order to make the mulch/fertilizer mixture come out more evenly.

    I think I can do it without adding the filler, but I don't have much room for error. My first thought would be a granular limestone - I thought someone else would have another suggestion on what to use. This filler material would be mixed with the fertilizer before adding the mix to the mulch. Don't know if this makes a difference - most of the material I use is shredded hardwood based mulch.

    Any suggestions/opinions would be greatly appreciated.
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    What type of blower system do you use. My brother used to work with a company that blew all sorts of topping materials. I will ask him. If he will return my call I will contact you. He lives in Charlotte now but used to be in Knoxville, TN not too far from you.
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    To determine if a fertilizer contains a filler, add all the numbers in the alaysis up. Unless the total is close to or around 50, then there is at least some filler.

    It is usually a fertilizer grade limestone that is sized (hopefully) appropriately. The bulk density would be similar too.

    Wouldn't using a zero filler fertilizer still flow freely? Or is mixxing the issue?

    For around here, we make ornamental fert's that range from 6-6-6 to 14-14-14 in complete all slow release blends. The triple 14 contain no filler. The triple 6 is more than 1/2 filler by weight. But it could contain even more filler if folks don't mind wasting money on freight & material that does nothing.

    How would the filler benefit the operation? Have you considered a 100% natural organic? Natural organics are usually pretty light by comparison.

    We sell a dry fertilizer blower that flows OK, but it would never handle mulch.

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    Thanks Tremor, I actually bought the triple 14 ornamental from your guys in Nashville for this application. What is the application reccomendation per 1000 sf for the triple 6? I noticed the triple 14 is 3.5 to 7 lb/1000 sf. The reason I need a larger lb/1000 sf rate is because I think the fertilizer feeder will be too slow in comparison to the mulch feeder at the 7 lb/1000 sf rate. The faster I can run the fertilizer feeder, the more homogeneous the mulch/fertilzer mixture will be. Of course, this might increase my costs per cubic yard for the mulch mixture. What is the relative price difference between the triple 14 and triple 6 (per lb)?

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