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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Lawnkid47, Oct 19, 2007.

  1. Lawnkid47

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    Hi I am new to LS, and am looking for some winter work.

    I am 15 and planing to plow this winter along my street.

    My equipment,


    -JD 32'' 1032D snow blower

    I need a good flyer to get some buisness.

    All ideas much appciated, but please nothing cheasy, I would like to look as much professional I can be.


  2. TheChiefsLawnCare

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    microsoft publisher, will take ya about an hour 2 get a good one done.
  3. advantage landscaping

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    For good ideas, try out gopher graphics. ( You can download a template (there's a bunch of them) and put your own text on it. I have door hangers that I use from a pattern on their site and they look awesome!
  4. SangerLawn

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    Everyone I new this year wasn’t getting any good responses on flyers except me. The biggest difference in my flyers from theirs was I made the flyers into estimates. Every flyer had a price on it just for that property. I would fold it and put it in a shipping bag 6”x 8” and would include a business card with it. Then I would put a hole at the top of the bag so I could use a rubber band to hang it from doors. In my personal opinion the time I spent to make the flyers made the people realize I didn’t just throw something together like other companies.

    I used this for mowing but I believe the tactics I used will also work great for you. I didn’t use any special techniques just wrote them up on Microsoft word. I made two flyers on one piece of paper. Don’t clutter it up or they will get bored of reading. Just state who your are, company your with, phone number, and then let them know this is a free estimate. Make sure to let them know you are insured!!!! This will take all doubt that you are a fly by night company, they will know you are for real.
  5. advantage landscaping

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    Sanger - If he was 30 with a plow that would work. He's 15 years old and theres no way he can afford insurance off a snow removal business at that age making what he's going to make, I would think. Flyers are flyers for the most part, but you can make them look really nice or really crappy. Not a bad idea though, but I would use something other than the rubber band...
  6. SangerLawn

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    ips.... good point about the age.... i read it on his post but forgot it when i was writing this. i seen his name was lawnkid and figured there was some kind of bussiness there for mowing, to be honest i wish i had what it took to start when i was his age!!!

    i would recomend asking parents to get insurance... it is extreemly cheap considering what could happen.
  7. mikeandnichole

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    I Am Trying To Make Doorhangers For My Husbands Business And I Dotn Know Where To Look For Some Cool Looking Graphics Anyone Got Any Suggestions Please Need Some Help

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