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Discussion in 'Nurseries and Growers' started by Fordsuvparts, Oct 22, 2006.

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    Our company just bought a green house that is 144' long and i need to know how much wide open space I need around it. We are going to place it in one of our large fields in the back part of our farm fairly close to the creek. We now have about 4 acres of different shrubs that have been in the grounds since april and may. My brother is a horticulturist and knows how the plantings work, But I need some info on how much tree thinning we will have to do to make sure the green house has all day long sunlight. We also are looking at different way to heat the greenhouse and the different cost involved.
    We are applying for some state and federal money to help pay for all the equipment and other cost. Since the farm used to be used to raise tobacco we can get money for changing it into a tree farm and greenhouse.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    well as for "space" around it you need probably 2'+ of open space before anything can be in front of the cool cells.....and probably 5'+ from blocking the fan discharge

    as for shading it that is something you will have to figure out from the site....based on sun path....height of trees. ect.......just watch what the shade does for a bit.......and blocking some sun (even across the house unless you want "zones") is not so bad after say 5:30 in the summer....because that is when it is hot as hell....unless you are the type that waters late in the day to aid fungus growth :laugh:

    I am assuming the house is 30' wide:confused:

    what way are the fans they pull the length of the house or the width......if they pull the width I would STRONGLY STRONGLY suggest you split the house in 2 and have two 72' X 30' houses instead of one long matter what anyone says there is not a chance in hell of properly getting a house cool when it is that long unless the fans pull along the width of the house....yes you need an extra set of fans heaters and cool cells.....but it beats growing stretched burned up plants in a butt hot greenhouse

    as for cooling and heating I would look at hydronic systems with pipes burried outside the house at the level in the ground where the temp stays constant.....then run the tubing in the floor under the pea gravel or the cement or the pavers....whatever your floor is

    you could probably get some of that in the grant since it is "innovative" and energy saving.....and a 72-78 degree ground temp would be SWEET for greenhouse plants year around

    hope this helped

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